Monday, December 21, 2009

One down...

Christmas time is officially here! This weekend we had Christmas at Granny and PaPaw's (Justin's grandparents). It was a lot of fun we got to spend a lot of time with all the family and kids, eating a lot, and a fun round of chinese Christmas.

A cute picture of the little ones playing with new toys with Granny and Ryan trying out Shanna's new robe.
We were sad we missed getting to see our cousins and the new babies at Oklahoma at Garrett's wedding, but maybe we'll just have to make a special trip to Nashville and get to see them sometime!
We still have a few more Christmas's to go to this year, we just barely got started. Christmas eve morning we are having Christmas with Pat and Donna. Then that night we have Christmas at Grandma Kay's (Justins other grandma) and also Christmas at Erith and Charolette's (my mom's side of the family). Christmas eve is going to be very interesting especially that night to figure out how we are going to plan all that. Then Christmas morning we get to have Christmas with my dad and sister and then that night have Christmas at Bruce and Roxanne's. Whew I got to take a breath now. Needless to say we are going to be Christmased out by December 26, but we can't wait. We're excited and even ready. We have all the gifts bought and they are wrapped and under the tree! I love wrapping gifts so I pretty much get them wrapped pretty quick after they were I forgot to get a tree skirt so I had to do something so nobody would notice hehe.
For the past two months I have been working on our guestroom getting it painted and decorated. I know it shouldn't take 2 months to do that but it was always so easy to just shut the door and walk off when I got tired since I didn't have to look at that room everyday. This is how it turned out.
I now love this room and really should have worked on some other rooms first like ours or the living room but oh well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello December!

Wow it is Decembter 1st, now where did November go?? It seemed like November just flew by. We have been ssooooo busy. This is what November was like for us. We got in, processed, and turned out about a thousand head of wheat pasture cattle all while we were still baling haygrazer and going to school. So needless to say we have not had much time for anything. Justin has been super busy with the cattle and I help him every once in a while. I think we are slowing down though. We are through getting cattle in so now they just have to be checked everyday. We finally got done baling hay friday...hallelujah!
We had a great thanksgiving! We ate way to much but then again thats the way it's supposed to be. We got to have thanksgiving with all out family which is such a blessing.
Some time in between there Justin got to go to a calf roping in Amarillo. He had not roped in almost a year so it was great for him to actually get to do what he loves! He did pretty good he caught and tied every one of his calves. Sorry I videoed his runs so I do not have any actual pictures of him roping just of him there.
Last week over Thanksgiving break I went to the movies with the girls and saw The Blind Side. That was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! I highly recommend everyone to see it. I decided that Sandra Bullock in that movie is now my new hero and I really do hope that I can be like her, she had such a role of an amazing person.
Now it is December 1st and today I got my tree put up and decorated! I am so excited! I have been waiting all year for Christmas! I love it. I was so excited to get our own tree and decorate it for our first Christmas together. Now we just have to get our Christmas card picture taken...I feel like we're behind because I am ready to send out cards now!!
Griengo and Lexi are excited for Christmas too!
Well I hope December doesn't fly by like November, but I have alot of things to do today so that is it for my blog today...