Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 Year Old

 I still cannot believe that Jaycee is a One Year Old!  And I apologize for just now getting her 12 month/1 year update done.  As most everyone knows, it has been a little hectic lately in our lives.  We finally finished baling wheat hay and have a little bity break before we do some oats.  Justin has been busy planting haygrazer and sorghum silage though.  On top of all that my dad got bit by a rattlesnake so we were busy with that since Saturday.  For anyone who does not know, he is great now and will be going home today.  His little finger, where he got bit, is purple and a little swollen but other than that he seems to be great!  That is such a relief.  We've seen a lot of snakes lately so it's kind of scary!

Here is my attempt to do Jaycee's one year pictures.  Don't worry I'll be doing some more when I get time.  It is a lot harder to take her picture now than it used to be!

At One Year Old, Jaycee:
-Loves to be outside!
-Likes to pull up my flowers
-Likes to play in the dog's water
-Still likes all food
-Wants to only feed herself and does not like you to feed her
-Is only drinking from a sippy cup all day now
-Starting to drink water and whole milk better (before she hated them)
-Unfortunately still has her pacifier for car rides and night (& sometimes in public)
-Has 7 teeth but has an 8th one trying to come in
-Growing through growth spurt at the moment.  She's getting tall and skinnier
-Starting to get somewhat attached to her stuffed cow
-Has a forward facing carseat and LOVES it!  She puts her leg up on the arm rest its so cute.  And already has learned how to put her cup in her cup holder.
-Only words added to her vocabulary is: Moooooo & Outside
-Likes to climb in her size of chairs
-Still not walking but can walk along things and with your hands
-Still sleeping the same and even lately wanting 3 naps a day instead of 2
-Likes to get things out of the dryer and put back into the washer
-In size 3 shoe but her foot is really skinny so she only has one pair of shoes that fit - her moccasins
-In size 6-9 month clothes and a few 12 month clothes like her pajamas or one pieces
-Laughs & Smiles with her mouth wide open
-Says "huh" A LOT!  Just about everytime you tell her to do something or she says "Now?" when you say "come here" was cute at first, but now its like really? Just come here!

Hopefully I'll get some more pictures taken soon and get up here.  Everyone watch for snakes!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look Who's One!

Wow, it has taken me a while to get this posted.  It rained again so I'm getting to blog.  Yay!  So thankful for the rain and we only have about 30 acres of wheat left to bale also.  So we are getting close.  Anyways Jaycee had her first birthday on Wednesday, May 16!  I. cannot. believe. she. is. ONE.  I am not ready to go by years instead of months.
This is Jaycee on her birthday!
On Jaycee's birthday we had to go to the doctor for her one year checkup.  She is 17.4 lbs and 28 3/4 inches tall.  She has a better than average vocabulary (shocker there).  Other than that I think she is pretty perfect and a normal one year old.
Jaycee got a little toy tractor from us for her birthday.
I'm not sure who loves it more - her or her daddy!
On Friday night we had Jaycee's first birthday party.  It was a pink lemonade party.  This was her invitation I made.
I kind of went a little overboard I think on her party. I made her several things including all the cupcakes, cake, a cupcake stand, utensil holder, and a lemonade stand. Our child is so stinkin spoiled, but I think that is the way it is supposed to be.  I wish I would have been better about taking pictures of everything so you could see it all.  Jaycee's lemonade stand that she loves to just climb on top of it!
Jaycee in her cute little outfit.

Jaycee in her birthday hat.  I made it to match her outfit.
Jaycee loved everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her!
Beginning of the cake smash...
Ending of the cake smash
She looked so cute over there.  The other kids at the party really loved her lemonade stand too.
Jaycee with her gifts.
Right after Jaycee ate supper she was ready to go to bed.  So we had to make her eat her cake real quick hoping she would get a sugar high and last for a little while longer.  Well I don't think it lasted long enough.  She decided to take a nap while opening presents.  
This is Jaycee with her cow that Uncle Bruce and Aunt Roxanne got her.  We sure did miss you Aunt Roxanne!
Jaycee saying "Moooooo"
Family picture.  That is Jaycee's new way of laughing.  She opens her mouth wide open and laughs it is the cutest thing ever.
Jaycee with Auntie Dev and Uncle Jakey
Really wanted a picture of all three of them (Breely, Jaycee, & Aspyn) but my child was on her last wind.
And Jaycee was out.  She tried taking a nap on Aspyn and so she got to go to bed.
We had such a great time at Jaycee's party and we are so thankful for all the family and friends who got to come.  Jaycee was completely worn out the next day (and so was mommy) and she may or may not have had a little bit of a tummy ache from all that cake she ate!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Early Birthday Aspyn!

 Yesterday the Fickling's celebrated Aspyn's birthday party.  Aspyn's birthday is the same day as Jaycee's so they had their party this weekend and we're having Jaycee's party next.  It was such a gorgeous day.  It had showered (barely) the day before so we all actually got to go since it was just a little too wet to bale still.
The cute little birthday girl!
Jaycee getting to hangout with Daddy
 Jaycee playing with Austin.  I can't believe she went to him since she's been going through this non-male phase but she did and seemed to love him!  I think it could be the fact that Austin is great with babies.
 Mommy and Jaycee stuffing our faces
 Jaycee decided she would just eat Aspyn's cake for her if she wasn't going to eat it!
(Aspyn hardly ate any cake.  Not like the normal baby cake smash.  It was so cute she would just touch it with her fingers.)
 As you can see Jaycee got lots of practice in for her birthday party.  Oh my I can hardly wait!
 Love my little garbage disposal!
 Aspyn opening her presents
Jaycee had such a great time at Aspyn's party.  Can't wait until our little missy's party even though I still cannot believe they are going to be one already!  Hopefully the weather will be nice for Jaycee's or better yet it could rain us out and we would be perfectly happy with having it inside :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Body

 Jaycee is not the only busy body in this household.  The past two weeks we have been running hard swathing and baling wheat.  I started this post the other night while waiting on moisture to come up to bale and then it hit and I didn't get to finish it.  I'm hoping to get to finish this real quick and then go to bed since it is supposed to be too dry tonight.  Such a wonderful life I know!  But oh well I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyways, let the pictures do the talking for what has happened since my last post when we've got to actually hang out.  Jaycee got into the Kleenex box the other day!
A week and a half ago Clovis had a FlyIn and of course we went.  They had a cookout, flour drop, and just a lot of family fun.  Justin, Jake, and one of his friends Robert, did the flour drop.  The flour drop was a competition where a plane had to fly at least 100 ft high and drop a bag of flour at a target; The closest to the target wins.  Well Justin and them may not have done great, but I'm pretty sure they had a lot of fun.  You can see the bag dropping in the picture below.
Second try
Not sure what Jaycee thought about all that.

Jaycee getting to hang out with her Daddy
Then Justin and a friend Kris both have Comanches so they did a little formation flying for everyone.  I got to go with Justin and it was really cool.  We were the leader (thank goodness) and Kris was the follower.
Looking out the window and seeing another plane that close was kind of nerve racking.

Then this weekend my friend, Kalee, had her baby shower and I was a hostess.  She is expecting a little boy, Kannon, in June and I'm so excited for them!  I brought fruit to the shower and I saw this on pinterest and decided I had to make it for the shower.  I think it turned out pretty well actually.
Jaycee playing with another little girl
Kalee opening her gifts
Closest I got to getting a picture of Kalee and Jaycee
Jaycee really wanted to open gifts for Kalee
All the loot she got.  She had a great shower!
Now I really need to start getting Jaycee's birthday party planned.  I cannot believe she is fixing to be a year old!!!  Oh yeah believe it or not she got another tooth today on bottom!  Yes, we have 7 teeth now!