Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Payzlee turned the big ONE!

It is so hard to believe that Payzlee turned one almost a month ago.  Her first birthday was March 4.  To celebrate we had an Uno Party.  I just love Pinterest and sometimes go a little over board, but oh well.  We had her a party the weekend after her birthday, and she had a great time.  But any excuse for her to get to eat a whole lot of food is always a good time for sweet Payzlee.
 Loving on Auntie Dev
 Mommy and the birthday girl
 Since the weather decided to be cold, we had to do the party inside the garage!

 Payzlee and her sweet friend Lane

 Now we get to the good stuff.  Payzlee was more interested in eating her cake than everyone singing to her!
 And she loved that cake!
 Mommy & Daddy and the Birthday Girl (We forgot to ever get a family picture. Sorry Jaycee)
 She devoured that cake and I have no idea where she put it since she had already ate a big plate of Mexican Pile-on
 Jaycee had her fair share of cupcakes too
 Opening presents
 Hanging on to some more than others. Ha!
 Her very own baby doll
She was so excited about that baby doll.  Jaycee has a fit when she tries to play with hers and now she finally has her very own!  She hung on to that thing the whole night!

Payzlee at one year:
-Still crawls.  She could walk if she wanted to, but she just will not let go!
-Loves to give kisses and wave bye-bye
-Only thing she is attached to is her bumper pads.  I am not kidding.  She has to sleep with them.  She just has to have something to hug or bury her self under!
-Looks just like her Daddy especially when she sleeps (minus the beard!)
-Most definitely still a Momma's girl
-Can say several words.  "Momma, Daddy, Griengo, No-no, Jaycee (rarely), bok (book), Joe, Go, Bye-bye, night-night, bath, and yeah"  She'll probably talk before Jaycee or at least clearer!
-She loves remotes, bath, the toilet, and jumping on pillows, the couch, and bed, also loves to climb on anything and everything!
-Her and her sister fight quite a bit and it is not all Jaycee's fault.  Payzlee pesters her quite a bit!
-Still takes 2 naps a day when she can
-Loves the 4 wheeler or side by side
-Not a big fan of cows.  She likes them but likes them at a distance.  She does not want to touch one.  Complete opposite of her sister.
-She eats more than any thing I've ever seen and I cannot figure out where it goes.  I used to think Jaycee ate a lot, but Payzlee eats way more!
-Loves any food except a banana
-Wears size 12 month clothes, Size 3 shoe, and Size 3 Diaper
Payzlee is the sweetest, most stubborn, determined, hard headed, smart, and best little baby ever.  I am so sad that she is no longer my baby anymore!