Friday, August 31, 2012

And we're off!

Wow what a crazy busy past week and a half.  We have been swamped trying to bale lately and especially since one of our main guys left for college this week :(.   Anyways I'll try to catch up on Jaycee's life.  Two weeks ago was the fair, and anyone that know me knows that I love the fair so we took Jaycee a couple nights.  The first night we took her to the steer show so she could see her favorite animal, a Moo.  She seemed to like every animal except for the sheep there which didn't hurt our feeling at all.  The next night I took her to ride some rides with the Cain's.  She seemed to enjoy that.
Playing with a lemonade that of course we ended up with all over the stroller.

 How she wanted to ride in the stroller
 Hanging out with our friend, Aspyn, for a minute.  Aspyn was so cute, she was trying to get Jaycee to stand up and walk with her.
 Austin trying to convince Jaycee to walk
 Jaycee at the sale
 Jaycee hanging out with Kaitlin at the sale
 Jaycee & Breely with Kylee
 Last week Reese came over for supper and Jaycee and Reese played so well together!
 The only thing Jaycee had a problem with sharing was her tractor!  She kind of likes that thing!
 Both girls riding the tractor. So sweet.

 Riding the train together
We were so happy Reese got to come over and play.  Jaycee had so much fun!  After seeing Reese walking everywhere she even began to finally try to walk.  So a couple days later she is finally walking!!  It's about time.  I thought she'd never walk.  I know everyone says you don't want them to walk, but she already climbs all over things, surely it can't be much worse!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun in the Sun

 A couple weeks ago was Border Town Days, and I took Jaycee to the parade.  It was so hot that I'm really not sure what she thought about it.  She just watched it all, but didn't really get too excited about it.
The only picture we took the whole time - Hanging out with Aunt Roxanne
Last week we got to go to the lake again.  We had so much fun.  Jaycee really enjoyed it again.
Having fun with Uncle Jakey and Daddy
 Nonni skiing!
 Uncle Jake skiing...Sorry hunny I guess I forgot to take a picture of you slaloming.
 Cousin Katie got to go with us and I think she had a lot of fun tubing!
By the afternoon Jaycee was so worn out she fell asleep in the water and took a good little nap that way.
 Then of course Jaycee's favorite thing to do - Drive the boat.  She just had to be helping whoever drive the boat at all times.
 We met up with the Cain's and had lots of fun with them, but of course I forgot to take any pictures with them.
Last week Auntie Dev went shopping with us and we had lots of fun as always.
Jaycee is still not walking, but she is talking a little bit more.  She has added the words Jake, cow, tractor, Katie, and duck to her vocabulary.  She randomly repeats or tries to repeat several other words we say also.  She mainly just speaks Chinese most days those.