Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Future Dentist

 Jaycee can now sit up completely on her own.  Before she could pull up on things and then sit up but now she can sit up anywhere anytime she wants.  Yesterday morning I had noticed she was sitting up in the middle of the living room but didn't really thing anything of it until last night when I watched her numerous times just plop right up.  The past couple days she has been sitting in her bed waiting for me to get her when she wakes up and it is so stinkin cute!  Im sure it won't be long until she is standing in her bed waiting on me...
We had to do a couple pictures this morning since one of the tractors were sitting in the backyard calling our name.  This one is my favorite!

 Jaycee has an obsession.  She loves to watch me and Justin brush our teeth it is so funny.  She has been obsessed with watching us for the past couple months so the other day I decided she could have her own toothbrush.  She is so cute. She will sit there forever brushing her teeth. By brushing I mean chewing on the toothbrush.  But hey she knows what end to put in her mouth.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Monkey

 This morning we woke up to it snowing!  So me and Jaycee lit the fire and have been chilling in our pajamas all day.  She has even set and cuddled with me watching Rio.  She never sits with me so I was beyond excited this morning.  I'm sure that it didn't hurt that I turned on a movie she enjoys ;).  
The day before yesterday I found her like this.
Silly girl.
 Yesterday we were sitting under the table
 And today...
Yes, she is eating the green handle while doing a push up.
 This is the first time I've caught her go to her feet.
So look out everyone I'm sure it won't be long before she is completely pulling up on things and trying to walk.  Hopefully I'm wrong though...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

9 months!

 Well we definitely had a sweetheart of a valentine for Valentine's day this year!  I wasn't going to really get Jaycee anything but maybe a cute toy for Valentine's day, but when we were in Roden Smith waiting on her prescription last week they had balloon bouqets and Jaycee just loved them so I was like that'll be perfect for her to get to play with some balloons for a couple days.  Well that was definitely a good idea. On Tuesday morning she was so cute; when she got up and I brought her into the living room she saw those balloons setting on the table and couldn't take her eye off of them.  So Justin and I let her have them and she just played and played with them all morning.

The little sweetie still in her V-day pjs.
All dressed up with her balloons. (Have no idea what she is doing in this picture but I love it)

 Just the past couple days, Jaycee has began to pull up on things to her knees.  She was trying to climb on her new fence.  It is time to baby proof the house!
 Today was Jaycee's 9 month birthday and to celebrate she got to go to the doctor for her 9 month checkup.  We didn't do much in Amarillo but go to Sam's, go eat, go to the John Deere house, and come home.  So when we got home we had to take a couple quick pictures to document our birthday.
 She looks like such a big girl in her chair.

At Jaycee's doctor appointment, they said she was going perfect.  She weighs a wopping 15.9 lbs and is 28 inches tall.  If you have been noticing her red/orange nose in all her pictures lately, that is because she has been getting too much carotene lately.  Evidently I have been feeding her too many orange foods.  I never had any idea that such a thing could happen.  I guess she almost turned into an oompa loompa.  I can't help it if my child loves carrots and sweet potatoes.  The doctor checked out her ears while we were there and one is completely cleared up and the other is almost all better.  Now we just have to get over the runny nose and cough which could take a week to a month, but it is no big deal because it is not at all in her chest.  So we had great news at the doctor's today.

At 9 months:
-Army crawl like a soldier in a trench crawling for his life
-Hang out on all fours like we are fixing to crawl like a real baby crawl
-Pulls up to our knees
-Beginning to become a Mama's girl
-Still only says "Da-da"
-Still loves Griengo and loves to play with the other puppies through the glass window
-Goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 and sleeps til 8
-Loves Puffs
-Still working at the sippy cup, I don't know when we are ever going to master that
-Fights nursing or even a bottle like crazy, we have to go to her room, turn off the light, make sure no noise is on.  It is miserable.  She is just way too busy.
-Loves baby food though!
-Obsessed with getting shoes, cords, Griengo's water bowl, remotes, anything we are not supposed to get into
-Takes two naps a day.  She is becoming a great napper

I cannot wait for what the next month has in store for us!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Puppy

 Sorry to blog twice in one day, but I didn't feel like the two should be put together.  Our poor little Jaycee is sick for the first time.  Yesterday I took her to the doctor because she had a horrible cough and was starting to run a little bit of fever.  Well she ended up having two ear infections and then just congested and stuff like a cold.  I never even knew or thought of her having an ear infection because she has not once messed with her ears.  She has been super good though.  She has hardly been fussy at all, just has had a bad cough and runny/snotty nose.
Yes I do know that she has a red face.  Only her forehead, cheeks, and nose are red.  It looks like she has a fever but she doesn't.  I did call the doctor and she just probably had a mild reaction to her medicine, but she's fine. 
This stuff has not slowed her down hardly any.  She managed to get into Mommy's diaper bag and get everything out.  Oh the joys of being mobile.

Weekend Fun

 Last weekend we actually had something to do on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday we went to Aspyn and Breely Cain's birthday party.
Breely and Jaycee playing in the floor.
Breely & Jaycee playing with their bracelets instead of wearing them.
 Jaycee had a lot of fun!
 Jaycee with Princess Devanee.  It was a princess party and Devanee was supposed to be Cinderella but we had some issues with a Cinderella dress so Devanee just had to be the head Princess!
 Most of the little ones there with Princess Devanee
 Devanee with the two birthday girls
 Jaycee talking to Bostyn (Toby & Mindi Thornton's little boy)
 Aspyn giving Jaycee a hug thanking her for her gift. So sweet.
 Jaycee with Auntie Dev
 Family Pic
 Jaycee and Mommy
 Then on Sunday we had some of our friends over for a Super Bowl party.  We really aren't all into football so we just enjoyed getting to hang out and eat a lot of food.  Uncle Jakey got Jaycee's wagon (what she got for Christmas) fixed and brought it over.  So we had to try it out real quick even though it was kind of cold.

Jaycee and Aspyn got to play.

 They even got to take a bath together.  Which I'm not so sure that was a good idea.  It was quite an interesting experience hehe.
And of course I didn't take any other pictures of anyone else at the party except the two cuties.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Perfect Ending to the Day

 Even on a long day when I get to give this little cutie a bath, it just makes the day perfect.  Even if Mommy gets peed on and ends up soaked after the bath, I just love it!   I mean how can you not love this face?
Jaycee's favorite thing to do is take a bath and even if she is tired and fussy, she still gets super excited and squeals, splashes, and plays in her bath.

FYI: The bubbles are coming from her bath toy that sings and blows bubbles.  Its pretty cool.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adding 1 More to the Family

We're adding another member to the family...and no it is not a little brother or sister for Jaycee!  We are not quite ready for that yet.  I was so excited that Jaycee finally learned to crawl, I'm second thinking that!  I cannot get anything done except during nap time.  She is all over the place and into everything!  I am so proud of her but oh my she is so fast now and I cannot keep my floors clean enough or cords and magazines picked up enough.  She can destroy a pile of magazines faster than anything.  So we decided to get something not quite so destructive as Jaycee. (He's not yet, anyways)

Meet Little Joe
 Little Joe is an Angolian (think that's right) puppy.  He is 9 weeks old and will be the size of Hoss but just with less hair.  He's not supposed to roam like Hoss so hopefully he will work out.  He is the cutest thing and is super sweet.  You are probably wandering what happened to Hoss.  Well he lived at our new house for a month and then ran back home (which is about 8 miles away).  I cannot believe he found his way back but he did.  So now our neighbor and Devanee will share him.  We are still super sad about Hoss, and we do get to see him often, but we got a new friend for Whiskey.

Jaycee and Lil' Joe meeting
 He's already bigger than her.
 Jaycee already loves him.  She is such an animal lover!
 We can't forget about Griengo.

 And we better not forget about Whiskey.  She loves Jaycee.  I LOVE this picture!

 Lil Joe has been doing so good so far.  He basically just stays in the yard or on the porch.  He is kind of lazy which I like.  Hopefully he won't be too destructive...