Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Lake Trip

Yesterday we finally got to go to the lake for the first time this year.  It was Jaycee's first time, and I think she had fun!
She wanted to drive the whole time!
 Jaycee with her Daddy and Uncle Jakey
 Jaycee didn't play in the water at first a whole lot, she was just taking it all in.  Then later she was just laughing and loved for someone to splash her.  It was pretty cute.
 Family Picture
 Jaycee getting a little wind blown with Uncle Jakey
I think Jaycee was a little worn out by the end of the day.  After all she didn't take a nap until on the way home at about 5 and it was not a very long one.  She didn't wake up this morning until 11!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

14 month update

So I know Jaycee is over a year old and I do not have to go by months anymore on her age but each month she is still changing and growing so I thought I better count this month.  Jaycee is so funny, and she really thinks she is.  I feel like she understands almost everything we say to her.  She may still talk chinese, but she understands english.  Jaycee LOVES to be outside!
Such a cutie in her pool.

Jaycee is very into pointing at things.  It is really cute.  And she is very observant.  

Pointing at Lil Joe drinking down her whole pool

Being silly as usual
She loves to slide down the slide into her pool
She can climb into a lot of things.  I had no idea she could climb up on the swing until yesterday when I saw her.  And she has mastered getting down off of things too.
Up to no good
Proud of herself for getting up there
She loves taking all her stuffed animals for a ride on her train.  It takes her a couple tries to get them on there, but she manages to do it.
At 14 months, Jaycee:
-Has 10 teeth and working on two at the moment on bottom! I guess we're going to get them over with early
-Wants to climb on everything
-Has the sweetest giggle & is very ticklish on her ribs, chin, and feet
-Very into "riding" (sitting on things but thinks she's moving) things ex. train, Griengo, her tractor
-Loves her stuffed cow, "Moo"
-Working on eating with a fork, slowly but surely getting there I think.  She eats part of her meals with a fork until she gets impatient
-Sleeping a lot again.  I think she might be going through another growth spurt or maybe its from her teeth.  Yesterday she took a 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap.
-Has started singing to her self like in the bathtub or when she is playing with her toys.  Very cute.
-Tries to dance which is so funny.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally Got Away

Last weekend we finally got to get out of here, and we went to Canyon Lake by New Braunfels, TX with our friends Keith and Lacey.  It was so nice to get away for a few days and just relax and hang out with great friends.  We stayed at a lake house which was pretty close to the lake and river.  That part was interesting.  We didn't have hot water for the whole weekend which just made the trip funny to me.  There is always something that happens when you go away.  Other than that everything was pretty good.
We had our own lawn ornaments 
The deer were extremely friendly
 We went to Greune two nights and ate at the Gristmill.  The Gristmill is the second largest restaurant in Texas and seats 3500 people.  I couldn't believe how big it was.  It was really good also and Greune was just a neat place to visit.
Listening to the band while waiting to be seated.
 We rented a boat and went to the lake one day, and it was beautiful.  The water was so warm and you could see your feet, the water was that clear.  It was definitely not Ute Lake.  
We floated the river another day and that was a blast.  We just got to hang out and float on a tube with tons of other people for 6 hours.  I wish we would have taken pictures, but we didn't so this is from the internet and it is exactly what it looked like.
I can't believe we didn't take any pictures with Keith and Lacey.  I always get home and realize all the pictures I should of taken after it's too late.

Then we came home on Sunday to my poor baby who had been cutting two molars on top since Wednesday.  I hated having to leave her with Nonni and Grumps for them to have to put up with, but I think she had fun and they did too.  Right now her favorite toy is her train that Grandma Kay gave her for her birthday.  She loves that thing!  She pushes it all over the house and sits on it.  And no she is not walking yet, but I think she is getting closer hopefully.
 Pappy surprised us today by stopping by for a visit.  Jaycee was being a cuddle bug.  It was so sweet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July & Catch up

 On 4th of July night Tanner & LaDonna invited us to go watch fireworks at their house in Clovis.  Well it ended up raining the whole night and they cancelled fireworks.  (Which didn't hurt our feelings, if only we would have got as much rain as they did!)  These two little girls still got to hang out though.
Playing together
 Then Jaycee got really sweet...maybe too sweet...She wanted to kiss Aspyn
 Giving Aspyn kisses.  I think Aspyn kind of liked it, but who wouldn't want Jaycee kisses!
Okay, maybe Jaycee went a little overboard...
The two sweeties ready for bed

The next few pictures are from my phone that I just now finally put on the computer.  They are all within the past month.  Sorry for the extremely poor quality of pictures.
 Jaycee playing in a box
 Jaycee in her forward-facing carseat.  She loves it!
At the first of June, I took Jaycee to the Pioneer Days Rodeo.  She loved it.  She thought all the horses were cows.  She kept saying "Moooo".  Surely she'll figure it out soon...
 Ryder became her friend from then on after he let her play with his phone.  I'm sure Ryder will be thrilled he's on our blog.
 Still sucking on those two fingers, ugh...
 Ready for church last week
 She loves giving Griengo hugs!!
 Practicing downward dogs.  She is so funny.  She just began crawling/walking with her head on the ground like this.  Silly girl.
Riding Griengo!