Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Voice...

Last weekend Tyrell & Kaylee, and Tanner, LaDonna, & Aspen came over to visit.  Jaycee really enjoyed getting to see Aspen.  She talked her ear off.  I'm pretty sure that Aspen was wandering what in the world she was and why in the world she was so loud.  I'm thinking that Jaycee is going to be a talker like her Daddy.
 Aspen & Jaycee look like the same size until you pick them up and I'm pretty sure that Aspen weighs at least two pounds more!  Jaycee has a high metabolism I've decided or either she just works out too much!
 Yes, I do realize that my child only has one sock on.  Didn't notice 'til after I had taken all their pictures.

I am probably the only on who thinks this picture is so cute, but I just thought she looked adorable with her hands/fingers almost entwined right.

And this is Jaycee's new voice...She just started this high pitch sqeal yesterday.  I thought it was so cute until Justin made me think about it more...What if she decides to show off this voice in church?!? Looks like I might get to outside with her.  Also what if this means she's going to have a high pitch voice like Auntie Dev??  Oh well at least it won't be a manly voice then.  And just kidding Auntie Dev, you know we love you!