Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Already a New Year

 Well I'm sure everyone saw our Christmas card or these pictures by now, but I needed to add these.  It is so hard to get a picture of these two together- both smiling, both sitting still, and both looking at the camera.  Maybe I am just way too picky.  But this is the best I could do for Christmas pictures.  I was pretty pleased.
 Jaycee hates doing anything that's not her idea, but I did manage to snap one picture of her.  
I love her eyes!
 And then there is sweet Payzlee.  
 She is such a doll.
I honestly cannot remember what all was going on with Payzlee at 9 months, but I will try.
-Finally got her first teeth right after 9 months old (the two bottom)
-Crawls all over the place like she has been, but no walking still
-Can say No no, go, Joe, Naw Naw (Nonni)
-Still wears 9 month clothes
-Still sleeps 12 hours at night
-Loves to eat!
-She just began to eat almost all table food instead of baby food
-Drinks like a pro out of a sippy cup

This is Payzlee at 10 months!  Love this girl!

She is a mess!
 At 10 months:
-Loves to get everything out of drawers (Mommy just loves that...not!)
-Obsessed with toilet paper
-Likes to pester her sister (Yes she is learning to fight back)
-By morning she has her pajamas half off almost every morning (I'm pretty sure she has been watching Jaycee change and run around naked way too much!)
-Very independent
-She is a dare devil (just what I need!)  She loves to be thrown on the bed, tossed in the air, held upside down, etc.)
-She now has 3 teeth total: Just one popped in on top on New Years Day.
-Favorite food: Asparagus, Green Beans but will eat anything and everything! She is a bottomless pit!
-Still wears 9 month clothes (My kids are so tiny!)
-Has about 3 random curls on her head (poor girl)
-Finally started baby talking quite a bit
-Has a high pitch squeal that she loves to do a lot!
-Loves to make kissing noises and smacks when she eats!

The weather this January has been either really cold, really windy, or gorgeous.  We have tried to soak up as many gorgeous days we can!  
 The girls like to slide together!
 Jaycee is so fun! She loves nothing more than playing outside!
 She needs a bigger slide, but then I might not like her trying out all her different ways to go down it!
 Jumpin!  She looks so old!
 Payzlee is not a big fan of the trampoline although you can't tell it here
 She LOVES to swing!
 Payzlee had enough swinging together
 Jaycee loves to kiss her and try to make her feel better!
Jaycee is such a mess, but I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way!  She is so into changing clothes right now.  She loves to dress up or wear Momma's clothes.  It is quite annoying, but at the same time impressive that she can dress and undress herself including shoes and usually they are on the right feet.  She is so smart!  She knows or can soon figure out how everything works.  She can do any puzzle.  She recognizes everything and everywhere.  She knows where everyone lives, knows where Leals is, or any McDonalds, and knows what everyone drives.  Don't worry if she is ever with someone else she'll be able to find her way to Nonni's or Rhy's and get some enchiladas on the way there!  I have to tell a story from the other day.  I was driving to Clovis,  We were sitting at a stop sign just outside of Clovis and Jaycee started yelling "it's Mane, It's Mane!", and I was like Jaycee what are you talking about?.  Sure enough I look up and see Jaimie drives a white tahoe (just like every other mom in Clovis) turning right in front of us.  Now how in the world did she recognize that?!?  It is just crazy things like that, that amaze me about her.  She wants to help with everything and can pretty much do it.  She loves to help me do everything!  She CAN (key word) clean, cook, do laundry, or organize cabinets or files (haha).  She really does do anything and for the most part is pretty good at long as it is her idea!  Yes she does stress me out to the max, but at the day's end I am so thankful and blessed for her just the way she is.  Although I do wish she was better at listening and doing anything that I want her to do other than anything that is all "her idea".