Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Last week it rained a lot here. We got like 2 inches so needless to say everything was really wet around here. We decided to go somewhere for the weekend while we could cuz who knows when we'll get the chance again. So we went with a couple, Caleb and Holley, to Ruidoso. We left Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun. On Friday night when we got there we decided we would go to the Inn of the Mountain Gods to the casino and play some slot machines since none of us really gamble we figured that would be about the easiest thing. Well I went in there with $9 in my wallet and well I lost it all. But the good thing was it was over about 3 hours so thats not too bad to spend 9 bucks for 3 hours of entertainment because that's all that really is. None of us went in there hoping to hit the big bucks we just wanted to have fun. Me and Holley played the penny slots the whole time. Holley accidently hit the Max Bet button on one of the machines and we thought she had lost like 90 cents lol but she got lucky and won $40 so we decided it was time to quit. I think Justin broke even or maybe won a couple dollars and Caleb didn't win anything like me. We must not be very lucky I guess. So Saturday we slept in and then drove up to the top of the mountain where the ski slopes are and rode the ski lift and just kinda enjoyed the scenery. The ride up there wasn't too fun with all the curves and being way high but we all made it safe and sound. That afternoon we just kind of relaxed and went out to eat and then went bowling and played pool at a little bowling alley there. And when I say little I mean little, it made Clovis's seem huge! But it was a lot of fun, and I have to say me and Holley totally kicked the boys butt on the second game of bowling! After we played a lot of pool we decided to go to the Inn again and Justin was going to play Blackjack this time since one of our neighbors was there and knew all about it. Well we go in there and me and Holley are going to play our penny slots again while the boys did there thing and I made the mistake of wanting to be a high roller and play with $20 dollars this time. We were there for like 30 minutes and I was up 4 cents!! And then it all went down from there....I got caught being too young because you have to be 21 to gamble and I'm only 20 so they took my $20.04! And me and Holley went home after we talked the boys into staying so it didn't ruin their night too. Justin learned to play some blackjack and ended up winning like $100 so that was good since I lost almost 30 dollars. That was pretty much the extent of our weekend we just came home on Sunday and it was back to reality once again. We did have a lot of fun and it sure was nice to get out of the area for a while!

Me and Justin

Caleb and Holley

Having fun at the bowling alley

And the winners of the last game of bowling!!

Thanks Caleb and Holley for going with us!


Ok since we all know I'm not the best at blogging ya'll are going to get two in one today and it is not going to be in order either just to warn everyone. One is for today and the next will be from this weekend. First of all I can't believe that it is October 29 and it is snowing! Yes i said snowing, not raining, SNOWING! And did I mention it is October 29! I even have pictures to prove it. It is so pretty outside; I love it! Even though it would be nicer if all the hay was baled and we didn't have wheat pasture cattle already turned out and waiting to be turned out. Poor Justin. I got to stay home (where the heater is going) while he has to be out in this right now checking everything.
But this is what it looks like outside.

And this is how rough Griengo has it. He's been watching TV and sleeping all morning on his couch.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas in October

Sorry for taking so long to blog, I warned everyone this would happen...we have been busy as usual. The past two weeks we've still been baling hay and then this past weekend it decided to just stay foggy and misty for a few days here and we decided to try to have a life so we did. Thursday I got to go shopping in Lubbock (Yay!) since I haven't been in quite a while. Friday night Justin took me on a date...he's such a sweetheart...we had not went out in forever so it was ssoooo nice! Then Saturday night we decided to go to Lubbock to see our friends Cale and Kalee and go out and eat and then go dancing which was very nice to get to hang out with them since we haven't got to see them in a long time. On Sunday night we went to our cousin's birthday party. She was turning 3 years old and was cute as a bug! As you can tell since we got the break we decided to use it and just do everything we could. Sorry I did not take any pictures during the weekend, I'm horrible at remembering to do that. Monday the weather cleared up and it was back to normal everyday life. We were able to get all the calves weaned and processed that day. Now to the good story...on Tuesday we traded my car in on a new pickup! I really liked my car but it was not very useful since it just could take me to school and that's about it. It can't really go through any fields or anything and so now we got a pickup so it can take me to school and do everything else I could possibly need to do and not feel like I'm going to get squished like a bug in it. It is so nice and comfy! It has the coolest thing in it, you can talk on the phone through the speakers through the bluetooth in my phone and that just amazes me lol. I absolutely love it if you couldn't tell!!
Good-bye Vanilla Ice (that was my Corolla's name)...
Hello Baby Red!