Friday, July 19, 2013

Payzlee is 4 months!

On July 4, 2013 we said Happy Birthday to America and Happy Birthday to Payzlee!  Okay, happy 4 month birthday to Payzlee!  I cannot believe that our little baby is over 4 months already.  Where has the time gone??

 She is such a sweetheart and is full of smiles although I did not seem to do a very good job of getting all her smiles in her pictures.

 I have a picture of the exact pose of Jaycee at 5 months and this just melted my heart when I saw how much it looked like Jaycee!
 Now we're smiling!

 Love this baby!
 At 4 months, Payzlee:
-Smiles all the time!
-Hardly ever fusses
-Likes to get her sister in trouble already (She just laughs everytime I have to get on to Jaycee)
-Rolls all over the place.  She began rolling back to front the middle of June
-Just started eating cereal
-Weighs 13 lbs, 3 oz (27%) and is 25 3/4 in tall (93%)
-Sleeps through the night when she feels like it.  One night she sleeps through the night, the next she doesn't.  I'm not sure what her deal is on that.
-Loves Momma
-Starting to squeal and talk
-Size 2 diaper
-Size 6 months clothes
-Still no paci, but is back to taking a bottle finally
-Favorite place to be in on the floor
-Still doesn't care to be held very long
-Has became addicted to TV
-Constantly is grabbing for things and chews on everything!

On the Fourth of July we ran over to Grumps & Nonni's for supper and to do a few fireworks.  Pappy got to come over and join us.

 Grumps and Miss Priss
 Jaycee kept holding her burned out sparkler up wanting it to shoot like a Roman Candle (too cute)
 Nonni and Payzlee
 Jaycee watching the big fireworks with Pappy
Uncle Jake helping Jaycee with her sparkler
 Daddy giving Jaycee poppers to throw on the ground.  Jaycee had so much fun with the fireworks!

Yesterday we went to Lane's first birthday party.  It was a pool party.  
 The girls all ready to go
 Kisses from the birthday boy!  I'm so upset that I didn't get any other pictures with Lane, and Jaycee and Lane are such good little friends!
 Jaycee loving her new floaties in the pool!  Payzlee loved the pool, too.
 I'm pretty sure Payzlee has began teething.  The past few days she has been chewing on everything!  So we got to get out Mr. Squeakers and she loves him almost as much as Jaycee did!
 Getting smothered with love from big sister
 I feel like this picture sums up how Payzlee and I feel all the time.  We have to just hang on tight and go on the wild ride that Jaycee takes us on!  I feel like Jaycee has became a wild child lately.  She is just into everything and is crazy.  She really tests my patience!
 Jaycee's new best friend, Cat.

Nonni found this poor little kitty at Allsup's in Bovina about a week ago.  She was starving and so tame so she brought her home for Jaycee to take care of.  Jaycee has done nothing but take care of her cat.  She wants to feed and water everyday and play with it nonstop.  Its name is Cat.  She wags that cat around all day.  I was afraid the cat would not survive the dogs, but so far it has managed to stay alive.  It lives in a tree quite a bit.  It loves Jaycee too.  As soon as she comes outside, that cat come running for Jaycee.  The cat had survived the dogs and Jaycee, but it lost one life the other day.  It got in Justin's pickup on Wednesday morning and somehow it is still alive.  Justin found it in the fan on the motor and it was tore up pretty bad when he brought it up to the house.  She has a broke leg and her nose isn't as pretty as it was.  I cannot believe that it is still alive after that.  So I am pretty sure that it could end up living forever now.  It was sore for a day and it has been letting Jaycee wag it around ever since.  It just has a hobble along like Whiskey.  Poor thing!  So it'll be interesting to see what happens to this poor cat next!

Monday, July 1, 2013


3 months, 2 years, and 1 busy family!  I wanted way too many pictures posted so I had to throw them into collages since way too much has gone on since the last time I blogged, and of course I wanted to post them all!

Jaycee rolled into the terrible twos in the middle of May.  We had a John Deere birthday party and she just had a blast.
I made her a pink, green, and yellow tutu and she loved it so much she wanted to wear it again the next day!  We had her favorite food - Mexican Pile-on.  And I made her a cake with a tractor and baler and a swather on it.  The extra cake had a pink Steiger and "Moos" on it.  We had all her toys set up in the backyard.  All the kids seemed to have a good time with the water table, sandbox, trampoline, and ball pit.  All our family and most of her friends were able to make it and we were so excited for everyone to come.

Miss Priss at 2 years

At 2 years, Jaycee:
-Can say everything except Grumps
-Best friend: Griengo (even though she thinks he is always trying to take her stuff!)
-Favorite toy: Water hose, puzzles, and books ("bocks")
-Loves "Payzee"
-Wants to help do everything
-Size 24 months/2T clothes
-Pretty friendly

Payzlee turned 3 months at the beginning of June
At 3 months, Payzlee:
-can roll from tummy to back, and roll to her sides from her back
-sleeps swaddled
-sleeps through the night most the time
-likes to hold and chew on toys now
-loves to SMILE!
-wears mostly 6 months clothes
-Size 2 diapers
-Has a horrible bald spot on the back of her head
Had to do this pose i seen on pinterest!
Sweet Sisters

 We have been super busy especially since it has rained a little this year.  We got Jaycee's sandbox filled up at the first of May so she enjoys that and her water table.  We went to Auntie Dev's graduation in May.  Jaycee loves to do what Mommy does.  The above pictures are mainly the month of May when we were at home and just playing mostly.

 The pictures above are us lately, which is busy!  We have been helping Daddy farm.  Jaycee has been going to Jerrica's or Coleta's a lot lately and Payzlee has been going with Mommy and riding tractors and chasing sprinklers.

We did get to make a quick trip to Red River last week and that was amazing.  It was a much needed vacation!
 We had so much fun.  We took the Can-ams and got to go riding with the girls.  Jaycee rode with Uncle Aaron and Auntie Dev half the time and half the time in Daddy's arms.  Payzlee was in her little carrier that attached to me and was just the best kid ever.  Jaycee on the other hand was great when we were riding, but not so much when we were back at the cabin.  She didn't want to nap or eat very good, but as soon as we got home she was back to normal.
 We did end up with one pretty good family picture I think.  No the kids are not smiling but at least Jaycee was not screaming in this picture.
Sorry to overload this post and I'll be impressed if anyone made it to the end, but I really wanted to document this and I just had to put all those pictures on here even if they are jumbled together.