Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 Kids Keep Momma Busy & Crazy

We all know I neglect my blog so we'll just get straight to catching you up from the past almost 3 months.  
We were excited Uncle Bruce and Aunt Roxanne and Cherry and the boys got to come visit for Border Town Days. (Yes, I know that was in July!) Best picture we could get of all 4 kids.
 The girls hanging out with their Daddy probably during a rain when Daddy could actually be at home.
 Payzlee turned 5 months at the first of August.  So incredibly insane that she is growing so fast. I'll be brief.
At 5 months she was:
-Rolling all over the place
-Loved baths
-Loved the jumper and walker
-Favorite place: the floor
-Love toys
-Love the sandbox
-Infactuated with the TV
-Play with your feet constantly
-Size 6 months clothes, Size 2 diapers
-Like to grab people's hair and faces
-Busy body

We had the turtle race during the fair.  That was lots of fun.  Okay maybe more fun for Mommy.
Jaycee was so funny she loved her turtle, but wouldn't touch it.  She's deathly terrified of frogs by the way.

 Payzlee even got to race a turtle someone gave us.  We had found 5 turtles for Jaycee and her friends, but only one ended up being the right kind of turtle to race.  Luckily we found someone with extras.  Who knew that only one kind of turtle could race.

Payzlee began eating baby food not long after all this.  Jaycee is such a good helper.  She wants to feed her all the time.
 Payzlee turned 6 months September 4.  Jaycee is going through a stage that she will not keep her hair done and she looks like a complete wild child all the time.  It drives me nuts, but what can you do.
 Somebody was happy to be 1/2 years old!
 At 6 months:
-Continue to roll everywhere, but push up to all fours and scoot with her head on the ground.  The doctor said she was a little top heavy for how little she is.
-She has no desire to even try to sit up.  She is far to busy trying to get places
-Momma's girl especially in the evening.  She doesn't want anyone but me most the time then.
-Starting to say what sounds like "Momma".  I'm not sure that she is actually saying Momma or that she means it, but it does sound just like it.
-Weighs 14 lbs 12 oz (23%) and is 27 in tall (87%)
-Size 6 mos, Size 3 diapers
-Sleeps 8/9ish to 8ish in the morning (So blessed with a great sleeper)

She is so photogenic!
Love, love, love this one!
 Jaycee jumped in there and actually sat still enough and even smiled.  I am in love with this picture, and I feel like I will never get this good of a picture of the two of them again.
 This picture captures their relationship most the time.  They really do love each other and it is so sweet. (Although Jaycee for some reason has been having a mean streak toward Payzlee a couple times a day. Yeah, just makes our day so lovely.  Most the time Jaycee loves Payzlee and takes good care of her, but then sometimes she acts as if Payzlee is out to get all her toys!)
 Jaycee's hair has gotten so long, and it looks so pretty and grown up when she lets me braid it.  Most the time she takes her out within 5 mins of me doing it which is so frustrating because she used to be the cutest little girl around and now she looks like a crazy wild woman.  Oh wait, she is a CRAZY WILD WOMAN!  She is definitely two, but for the most part its fun and she keeps us laughing.
 Jaycee and her buddy, Lane riding her train together.
 We had a birthday dinner for Devanee a couple weeks ago.  Jaycee loves her Auntie Aaron.
 Jaycee was a little more excited about cake instead of taking pictures!
 Auntie Aaron and her girls!
 We just started chopping some of our dryland milo that didn't make grain for silage this week.  They are putting it in a pile at our pens so when they were on a break one day we took Jaycee out to the pile to play.  Daddy took her to the top.
 No wonder Daddy is Jaycee's favorite.  He takes her to do all the cool things!
 She had a ball!  She ran around and up and down the pile.  She woulda played there forever if we would have let her.  To top it all off she had the "Mo-mos" right there to go visit!
 Jaycee and her favorite person in the world - Daddy.
Payzlee may be the cutest thing ever, but Jaycee is the funniest thing ever.  She has really began to talk more and more everyday.  Yes she does still speak Chinese, but we are finally able to decipher some of it.  She still calls water - "wong"  Hay bales = "ba-ba"(no idea why she says that) Payzlee = "sissy" Chicken/Ginnie = "Bock Bock" (even says this for our food chicken that we're eating.  It is so crazy to me that she knows that already.  Oh wait maybe we shouldn't have been pointing out which "mo-mo" was ours to eat next.)  Crayon/Color = "tayong" (again no idea)  She puts "ng or ong" on lots of words.
Her favorite phrases: "It's a no-no" (cutest accent ever on that).  "I see you".  "Oh no". "I NEED Daddy". Everything she says she just says in the cutest ways.  One of the dogs killed one of the kittens the other day and Jaycee says, "Cat no mo".  It was so funny.  There are many random things Jaycee says I just can't think of them at the moment.
This past week we really began potty training.  Oh my goodness.  This is the hardest. thing. I. have. ever. had. to. go. through.  I really believe that God is just trying to teach me patience because that is something I do not have, and I really do need.  So maybe at least I will come out with something good from this if I don't go crazy first.  One day she does good, the next awful.  I just really don't know what to do here.  She gets rewards such as stickers and going to go play with the cats, but then sometimes she just throws a wall-eyed fit because she wants those things right then and DOES NOT want to go in the potty.  So I just really don't know what to do with her.  She is so strong willed that it drives me completely nuts.  Oh well maybe this week with go better.

Sorry this blog is all over the place, but these are the major events that have occurred in our lives the past few months.  We pretty much have just been farming and doing all that that involves for the past 2 months.