Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spice of Life

So lately Justin and I have been doing some of this
and planting wheat and I've been going to school too!
But Griengo on the other hand has discovered his new favorite food....Jalepenos!
The other morning I was getting ready and let him in the house and he came running in here with something in his mouth and I was like "Oh great what is it?"  Believe it or not it was a jalepeno!  I guess he had got it out of the garden ha!  Well he is now obsessed with jalepenos, it is quite funny!
And Hoss is still growing bigger than ever.  He is starting to look more like a dog but I still think he is the cutest little thing!

This is as good as it gets of getting a picture of the two of them together!  
Griengo is so tiny compared to Hoss!

Now, for the weird news.  Last night at about 9:00 we were eating supper and Justin got a phone call saying that we had a calf out north of ten mile corner (for those who have no idea where that is, it is ten miles straight north of bovina and ten miles from rhea).  Well we moved my cows and calves up to my dad's a week ago which is 15 miles away from this place fyi.  So we are like there is no way that can be ours.  Well sure enough we go up there and there he is dead on the side of the dirt road!  I had just counted all of them the night before and he was there so it is weird he could have traveled that far by him self and leave his momma.  That just isn't normal.  We rushed up to my dads and found and counted all the cows and calves and he was the only one missing.  On top of that he was my only red brangus calf I have ever had so now I'm kinda sad and its just a way weird coincidence that he was the one to leave by himself and then get hit!  And why wouldn't someone call after they hit him when he had two ear tags in his ears with our phone number??  We are still puzzled over this whole thing.  I think we watch too many crime tv shows too because last night all I did was dream about finding the killer of my baby calf! haha!  
This is a picture from when he was a little baby.  He was a lot bigger than that now!

On a better note, they are picking our green beans today :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Typical Day on the Ware Farm

So I do realize it has been over a month since I blogged, but this time I have a good excuse. Our internet is so sslllooooooooooowwww! But today I started back to school which in fact is my last semester (Woo Hoo!), and now I can use the school's fast computers during my break. This past week was not exactly the best but it did rain alot so that made it much better. Over the week both balers broke down, I completely tore up the rake, and this happened...

Justin and his friend, Craig, went and got a load of wheat last week and brought home and we unhooked the trailer on crossties on the asphault behind aero. After the truck pulled out from under it all of a sudden you just hear, "Crack, crack, crack....boom". One of the crossties broke and the trailer fell through the pavement!

We got the forklift down the road just to keep it from going any farther and tipping over.
Then Kyle & Dalton came and saved the day. They brought the dairy's loader to come and pick it up.

The loader wouldn't quite pick it up so we had to use the forklift to help the bucket pick up the trailer. Notice the backwheels on the loader!
Dalton helped a lot!
Then after it was all fixed, Jake got the forklift stuck! What a wonderful day on the farm!

Well a month ago we went to Red River for my first time to ride four wheelers with the Cains'.

Such a cute family!
Me and Justin!

Also past month I got to do pictures at two weddings which was super exciting! Both weddings went great! Sorry I forgot to put pictures on my jumpdrive to put on here of them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy wonderful life

Lately any spare time Justin gets which is not very often, he goes flying. He's been working on his pilot's license. He has got to fly all the way to Colorado not too long ago with one of his friends whose been helping him get his hours. I didn't get to go but it sounds like he had a great time. He got to see some pretty country and Amish people which I was super jealous of because I have always wanted to see/meet some Amish people which may be kinda weird but oh well. This is the last plane he got to fly. And of course he didn't actually take a picture with it but this will do.Our little puppies have been up to no good as usual. Hoss is already bigger than Griengo as you can see below.

Hoss now has to wear a name tag aka an ear tag on his collar because his big brother Griengo likes to take him exploring and then leaves him behind so just in case he gets lost maybe someone can help him find his way home.

Hoss also has a swimming pool now as seen in the background of the next picture. He gets really hot so we put that out there for him and he LOVES it! He's already spoiled I know...
In the past couple weeks I got to take engagement pictures for two different couples getting married just a few days apart. The first ones I did are for our good friends Tanner & LaDonna. Justin and Tanner grew up together and now Tanner lives just down the road from us so it was a privledge to get to do there pictures. This is my favorite picture of them and LaDonna's son Austin. We got many great pictures but I'm not going to bore everyone with more.
Last night I got to take Justin's cousin Cody and his fiance Micah whom I have known my whole life too. They were such a fun couple. We also got tons of great pictures too but this is by far my favorite

Monday, June 7, 2010

Its been awhile...again...

Ok, Ok I know I have got way way behind again. We have been super busy since the last time I blogged so I will try to just let the pictures tell what has been going on. Here is finally a sneak peek at our new farm. Our circle of wheat (Now it has almost completely turned so we will soon be cutting wheat!)
It not only rained in Nashville a bunch it rained here too! This is the bottom of our new place where the water all runs. It is actually really pretty when its calm right there.
This is Amigo our dog that stay up at the barn on our new place. Every time we drive up he is always waiting for us!

This is my little red Brangus baby! He is full Brangus and he came out red. I'm just really sad he's a he and not a she or I could have kept it :(
This is what we have been all the time since the last time I blogged. Rolling up a lot of hay! See all the bales in the background and yes Griengo helps.
We have seen a lot of these three tractors over the past month. This was some of the biggest wheat we layed down. Griengo loves the wheat. He just leaps through it like a little deer.
On Justin's birthday, April 25, he got to rope at the Joe's Boot Shop roping. It was nice for him to get to do something he loves besides work all the time. I really like the above picture.

Meet Hoss! He is our new guard dog. He is a Great Pyrenese so he is supposed to get up to 170 pounds (we hope). Since Griengo was supposed to be our outside dog to protect us but now I guess he's our lap dog we decided this would work good at least he can just lay on the porch and look mean. He is actually a really sweet layed back dog. He reminds me of Eyore (on Winnie the Pooh) because he never gets excited. I wish I had uploaded another picture of him beside Griengo because he is only 10 weeks old and almost as big as him. Now before everyone thinks we're crazy dog people, just so you know Lexi has decided to move out and in with the grandparents so we only actually have two dogs living at our house.This past weekend our friends Caleb and Holley got married and Justin was a groomsmen so we got to go on vacation and go to Guthrie, TX. It was a pretty fun weekend other than the fact it was 106 with a lot of humidity and the wedding was outside.Us with our friends Tyrell and Emily at the rehearsal.Justin does not wear his ring very much and since it was a wedding I talked him into it. He doesn't look very excited does he? But at least he puts it on without hyperventilating like my Uncle Bruce!
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We have been to the lake twice already but I didn't get any pictures so hopefully the next time I will!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's been awhile...

I know, I know it has been a while since I last blogged. Ok, not a has been a LONG time! Well a lot of things have happened since then. We have gotten rid of a lot of our wheat pasture cattle yay, but....then we got more so we still have over 500 little wheat eaters. Since the last time I've been on here we also became the proud owners of our first piece of land! We are super excited about that. (Sorry no pictures I'll try to get some up next time). On our new piece of land came a puppy that was there. We named him Amigo so he could be Griengo's friend. Well he was really cute and we fed him and all and then he really liked us and wouldn't leave us alone. So we were scared of running over him so...I had a great idea. I was gonna hold Amigo and Justin could take off driving and then I would put the puppy down and run and get in the pickup. Well there was only one problem to that idea...Justin had to actually pause so I could jump in and when he did all of a sudden we heard the most horrible yelp! Oh no we had just in fact ran over the new cute little Amigo! But I do have good news. It was just his toe and he ended up being fine. Now for the bad news, I think he ran away back home because he would not come to us anymore and then he just kinda disappeared. But I guess I don't blame him for not wanting to hang out with a couple of people that ran over his little toe.
Not too long ago I had my 21st birthday and Justin took me out to eat at Applebees and he got me this most amazing camera! I think I have the best husband in the world by the way! It has been great I got to take this girls senior pictures the other day and now I get to take some of Jake's too! So I'm pretty excited about my camera for sure!
We just got to see Elliott, Cherry, and Lofton finally! I thought we were never gonna get to meet that little guy. He was so precious until he spit up on me...jk! He was still precious and now are looking forward to getting to meet Leighton this weekend!

Well As usual I have things I need to be doing so until next time...

Friday, February 26, 2010

New this week

This week we began shipping wheat pasture cattle. Monday we shipped 2 loads and on Wednesday we shipped 3 loads. Justin also began plowing this week getting ready to plant some oats. So needless to say Justin has been super busy this week!...and I have got off the hook since I have school three days a week, but I'm sure there will be more opportunities for me to help out in the future on days I do not have school.
Some of our favorite bunch that went to their new home on Wednesday.

They were rolly poleys.

Justin plowing. Just barely dry enough.

Don't worry I didn't forget about Griengo! He likes being a back seat passenger!

He's only cute and innocent until he gets a hold of his toys and then they are destroyed. I bought him 3 new toys the other day that had no stuffing whatsoever in them and looked pretty durable. Within 2 hours all three of them had something wrong with them if they were not already torn in pieces ugh! So now he just gets to play with his pieces of toys and the couple old ones that have managed to survive.

Friday, February 19, 2010

I have a model for a sister...

So recently I have been doing a lot of artsy crafty type things. I have been sewing, scrapbooking, and picture taking. The big project of mine was taking my sister's senior pictures a couple days ago. We had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed taking these pictures. She is like a model. She does anything you tell her to. She'll pose just right. Can go from smile to serious face in no time. This was always the hardest thing for me to do when I took my senior pictures. Its hard enough for me to do a serious face in the first place not even on top of someone telling me to do it on command. I also always felt like I looked all dumb. I didn't know what to do with my hands. She is the opposite and that's a good thing. So I thought I would share some of my favorites that we took. It was hard to pick so few but I managed.
This is my very favorite I think.
She talked me into letting her wear he cute little dress with hot pink rain boots and at the time I was trying to talk her out of it but I really think these turned out to be some super cute and fun pictures after all. I had to put my name on here to make me feel like a pro.