Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Love Fall

 Fall is such a great time of year.  I love decorating with pumpkins and fall stuff, and of course I enjoy getting to see all the crops.  And we like to see them go!  We have got all our corn gone, chopped a lot of our milo that wasn't going to make grain, and we just have half a circle of milo left to cut.  Justin has been cutting milo all over the place.  I'll be glad when that is over with and maybe we can see him more during the day!  Jaycee did love getting to ride the combine and help Daddy cut the "mi-mo".
This is going to be a little out of order.  I've tried several times to take fall pictures of my children.  I usually hate serious pictures, but Jaycee looks so grown up in this picture.
Sweet Payzlee
 The best I was going to get of the two of them
 I had to bribe her that she could get a snack, and this is the only picture I got of her sitting there.  She literally sat there for about 5 seconds and was ready for her snack.  Auntie Dev gave Jaycee a haircut and she got bangs.  I hate bangs, but I despised her looking like a homeless child because she took her hair down all the time.
 This is before her haircut.  I loved her hair before because I could braid it, but like I said before she wouldn't keep her hair in so it has been much better now and is pretty cute!
 Payzlee - 7 month picture
 Sweet sisters - Not sure why Jaycee thinks she needs to sit in her lap though

 I have not blogged about Payzlee turning 7 months.  I'll try to just make a list real quick.
- She says "Mama" a lot, and is still a Mama's girl big time
-Began crawling right after 6 months, but WILL NOT SIT! I really don't think she's going to sit until after she walks.  She just gets furious when I try to make her sit. She can sit just fine, but just refuses to.
-Loves big sister
-Size 6-9 mo clothing
-Sweetest thing I've ever seen (Maybe because her sister makes me crazy!)

We got to go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins.  Jaycee with her pumpkin. 

 Lane or "Mane" as Jaycee calls him got to go with us.  I think it is impossible to get all three of them to take a picture.  I think we did pretty good getting them to all sit there.

 Sweet girl
 "Um why is Sissy's foot by MY HEAD?!?"
 Only one that would take a picture!
Our lives have been pretty crazy or shall I say My life has been pretty crazy.  Jaycee is just at the age where she is just constantly into something.  I am trying to write it all down because it is quite funny by the end of the day all that has happened.  For instance on Friday, our morning started out with Payzlee getting stuck under the toy drawer on our coffee table and I mean stuck.  Poor thing I'm not quite sure how she got under there.  Jaycee is constantly going to the bathroom to fill up cups with water.  I walk into the kitchen and there is Jaycee's stool at the fridge filling up a cup of water.  No big deal.  Later I find Jaycee washing her hands out of the water dispenser on the fridge.  Water was everywhere!  That night Payzlee gets into the cabinet where the baby food is and breaks a jar.  I was cooking supper on the stove.  So I rush to pick up Payzlee and then proceed to hurry and pick up all the glass.  Turn back around and Jaycee had got her stool out of her room and was cooking hamburger meat on the stove.  That night I go into the bathroom for baths and Jaycee had a stool on the counter where she had got something off of the top of the mirror!  Girls are in the bath and Jaycee picks up the end of Payzlee's whale and dumps her out of the back of it.  Payzlee, I, and Jaycee freak.  Jaycee jumped out of the tub while Payzlee is screaming, and just kept saying, "I hurt Sissy."  She was actually sincerely concerned about her, which is a good thing and hopefully she never does it again.  This was not just an out of the ordinary day, this is our day almost everyday!  I don't know what I'm going to do when Payzlee starts to walk!