Sunday, September 16, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Well we have had quite a week.  Jaycee has been sick with the stomach bug or teething since Wednesday.  The poor thing sat in my lap and watched movies with me all day on Wednesday and for anyone who knows Jaycee at all, knows that that just does not happen unless she is really feeling bad.  I felt so awful for her, but I did of course take advantage of getting to cuddle with my baby all day.  Well Jaycee finally got better yesterday and by this morning she was all back to her old self and feeling great.  This morning Justin was getting ready to go plant wheat because that is what he has been doing since it rained on Wednesday night (Yay!).  When Justin got ready to leave, Jaycee chased him all the way out the door and ran to his pickup and just stood in front of the driver's door waiting to go with him.  And of course Justin couldn't resist taking her with him since she had to throw a fit anytime I ever tried to pick her up.  So Jaycee got to ride with Daddy this morning on the tractor for a little while until Mommy went and picked her up.

Justin & Jaycee planting wheat 
 Jaycee is in the buddy seat here

 LOVE these two!
Jaycee and Daddy.  Yes she is still in her pajamas and bed hair!
No wander she likes Daddy more than Mommy.  He lets her drive!  I'm mean and make her sit in the buddy seat the whole time.

 There is no doubt that Jaycee LOVES tractors.  This is her tractor and about a week or so ago she ran it into her chair.  I look her and she was climbing from her chair to in the bucket, to over the loader as you can see, to get to the seat.  Our little monkey!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Jaycee's going to be a big sister around March 8!