Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

 For Easter we got Jaycee all dressed up and went to church that morning and then we went over to Justin's grandparents in Bovina for lunch.
 Finally got a family pic
 Jaycee playing in the flower pot
 Then we came home that night to just hang out.  Jaycee got to hunt eggs in our backyard.
"Really Mom I have to wear these bunny ears?"
 Finding eggs
 A little excited to be outside
 Shaking her eggs like Papaw had showed her earlier

 Plastic doesn't taste near as good as it looks
 The dogs hunting Easter eggs too
 Jaycee deciding to bear crawl the whole night
 Playing with Griengo or "N-go"
 Little Joe is growing!
 She has mastered climbing up on the concrete
And also going down the step...
Jaycee and Auntie Dev
 Jaycee found all of Daddy's shotgun shells from him killing all the birdies in our backyard.  It does not phase Jaycee a bit.  She thinks its funny when she gets to see a bird fall from the sky.  So I'm sure it won't be too long and she'll  be right there with him sitting on the porch shooting birds...

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