Friday, October 5, 2012

16 1/2 months!

Today me and Jaycee went and picked pumpkins.  By we, I mean I picked pumpkins and Jaycee tried each one out to see which one made the best seat.  I love getting to decorate for fall.  The past couple of weeks have been crazy for us so I haven't got to decorate too much and I just now am going and picking pumpkins.  Within the past couple weeks I have been helping rake, bale, plant wheat, etc. so Jaycee has had to go to a babysitter.  I was quite devastated at first, but then I realized she has the absolute best babysitter in the world and Jaycee loves it so I guess it is all okay for now until we slow down again.  Our friend Jerrica has been keeping Jaycee and she has a two month old little boy.  It has been great for Jaycee to be around a baby since before she hated me holding one and she is going to have a little brother or sister soon.  Jaycee has not cried once when I have left her and every time I've ever left her with anyone she usually cries, so I take that as a really good sign.  Anyways I won't bore you with all that and we'll get straight to all the pictures.
Jaycee sitting on some pumpkins.

Clapping in excitement.  She has started do that a lot lately.  Ex. every time she sees Daddy or a tractor she starts clapping.
 Just a cute picture in our yard
 Today Jaycee got to go with me to feed the Moos.  Since she was all dressed up and we had time we took some pictures.
 We had to find Black Beauty so we could pet a Moo.  Black Beauty was my very first Brangus heifer I bought and showed.  Yes she is getting very old and I'm not sure how much longer she is going to stick around, but she is the sweetest cow and only one that Jaycee can pet and that I trust.
Jaycee clapping in excitement to be that close to the Moo.
 Just so excited we can't stand it!
 Jaycee wasn't quite sure she wanted her to actually lick her
 Jaycee picked up a piece of cake to feed her

 Not much makes Jaycee happier than Moos, tractors, or her Daddy.
 I really didn't intend for Jaycee to just walk up that close to her foot and pet her, but she did before I ever knew it.
 Decided it was cool for the Moo to eat out of her hand
 Black Beauty grabbing that piece of cake and Jaycee did get a little dirty after that one, but oh well clothes and faces wash.
 One last pet before we had to leave.
 I really hope Black Beauty either gets to live for a while or we get Jaycee's heifer tamed down this good because there is nothing sweeter than seeing Jaycee get so excited to pet and be around the Moos.

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  1. Love all the pictures Mikayla!
    Im glad you were able to get some pumpkins. I was just thinking about that the other day. Im use to be able to go to a field to pick them, guess I will have to go buy them here! We will have to grow some of our own pumpkins next year! Give Jaycee lots of hugs and kisses for me. Im sure Uncle Bruce is doing that too!!