Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Again I'm sorry for the two posts in one night.  Our Christmas was all packed into 2 days this year.  It started on Christmas Eve at Granny & Papa's in Bovina.
Jaycee "tickling" everyone
Jaycee and Nonni
 Jaycee hadn't quite got the concept of gifts down yet.  She was much more interested in playing in the empty boxes.
Jaycee and Moo all ready for bed and for Santa to come
 But Jaycee did have the concept of "giving gifts" down.  I have to tell this story, it is so cute.  A couple days before Christmas I was in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden Jaycee comes into the kitchen with a pink gift bag and something in it.  So I was wandering where she got it and what she had in it.  Apparently she had got into the gift wrapping cabinet and got it out and then went in the bathroom and got bars of soap out and put in it.  So I asked her jokingly "Oh Jaycee is that for Daddy?" and then I went back to cooking.  Well later I went into the living room and Jaycee had put that gift with the others under the tree.  The next morning I was putting stuff under the tree and the gift looked like it had tissue paper in it.  So I was thinking "Wow she even put nice tissue paper in there, but where did she find that?".  Well I reached into the bag and it wasn't the tissue paper I was thinking it was.  She had emptied a bunch of wipees in there to look like tissue paper.  So stinkin cute!  So on Christmas morning Daddy got to open up Jaycee's gift of the wipees and soap!

 After we did gifts at home Christmas morning we then had Christmas at Grumps & Nonni's.
Helping Jaycee open her gift.
 Jaycee more excited to beat on the box!
 We then had Christmas that afternoon at Grandma Kay's, but I forgot to take any pictures.  We then hurried home and had Christmas with Pappy at our house that night.
Pappy and Jaycee with their cameras
 Jaycee finally figured out the whole present thing by the last Christmas we had
We had such a great Christmas season this year and we can't wait until next year to share it with two little girls!

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