Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All ready and waiting

I promised last blog post that I would blog next about Payzlee.  Well we are still awaiting her arrival.  We are going to be induced Monday, March 4, 2013 if she does not come before then.  Two weeks ago we had a sonogram and they measured her at weighing 6 lbs, 1 oz that week, and estimated her to weigh 7 - 7 1/2 lbs on March 8 which is her due date.  So we shall see what she does end up being born at.  We finally decided on a spelling of her name, Payzlee.  Payzlee keeps dropping and I feel like everyday she is just going to fall out the bottom.  I first dropped about 5 weeks ago and then almost 2 weeks ago I dropped again.  So apparently the "dropping" means nothing about going into labor soon, but it is nice to know that she is in place and ready to make her appearance.  Here are all the pictures of her nursery.  We are just patiently awaiting her arrival!
Jaycee loves Payzlee's book racks and really needs bigger and more of them in her room!

Payzlee's quilt - Yes my children are spoiled.  I said she was not getting bedding made and then I went ahead and couldn't stand not to make her bedding.
Jaycee modeling the crib off
A before picture of a dresser I bought at a second hand store
The after picture
Finally got Jaycee's changing table in the room
Again she's spoiled.  All the new hairbows I made for her and a couple paci clips.  I really want her to suck a pacifier at least so she doesn't suck her fingers like Jaycee!
Payzlee's going home outfit that I ordered off Etsy
And here is the only prego picture I've taken - 36 weeks
You didn't think I could forget about Jaycee now did you.  When Justin was gone hunting in January, I did Payzlee's nursery and then I had to redo Jaycee's room since I had bought paint last January but never painted.

 And of course I have to post at least one picture of Jaycee.  She is all ready for little sister (I hope) and St Patty's Day!

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