Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Showers

 Well we definitely have not had any April Showers to bring May Flowers this year.  Our weather here has been so crazy.  We are setting highs one day and lows the next!  On the pretty days we have spent our days outside playing as much as possible.
Jaycee loves to hang out with Daddy and we just got busy swathing in front of the choppers so we have to cherish our time with Daddy as much as we can!
Good thing Jaycee loves her little sister.  On the cold days we have been cooped up inside just taking care of Payzlee and going crazy because Jaycee is hitting the terrible 2s I think or maybe she just gets tired of Mommy and inside.
 Payzlee doesn't know what to think of our craziness sometimes
 Last week was Justin's Birthday!
 Last weekend was the Clovis Fly-in so Justin came and picked Jaycee up at Aero to take her
 She loved it and was so excited!  She loves airplanes!
 Finally found matching outfits for them.  Aren't they the cutest!
Our anniversary was April 18th so we were able to get away to Ruidoso for a couple days.  We did absolutely nothing but relax and it was so nice.  We also went and fed some fish.  Payzlee slept the whole time!

 Jaycee sure did love feeding the fish!
April has been a full month for us.  Payzlee became kind of colicky at night time at the first of April, but I think she is getting a little better.  Jaycee has been getting on my nerves and I'm sure I've been getting on her nerves as well!  We had many events this month go on and now that we have started swathing wheat/triticale we don't get to see Daddy near enough.  It's always bittersweet when this time of year comes.

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