Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Month Behind from Here on Out...

I am just going to be a month behind from here on out I suppose.  Sorry, better late than never.  For Halloween Jaycee was a Scarecrow. 
Payzlee was Ghost
Best family picture we can get these days
 Daddy and his ghost

 It had been really pretty until this week so Jaycee has been riding a few weeks ago
 And Payzlee got to go riding for the first time and LOVED it!
 Payzlee turned 8 months this month.  Here are a few of her pictures.
She gets so excited!

 What she does quite often.  Get so tickled!
At 8 months:
-Finally sits!  Just started sitting on her own a few weeks ago!  I know, ridiculous.  It was like she didn't think her body could bend that way.  And she still sits really awkward.
-Still no teeth
-Loves to just cruise around the house.  Army crawling it up.
-She is quite petite like Jaycee was.  She can't gain wait if she wanted.  She. Never. Stops.  She will not cuddle with you.  She does not like you to hold her for longer than 1 minute.  She just wants to be on the move and trying to do everything Jaycee does.
-She pulls up to her knees constantly and pulls up to her feet some.  We have even caught her trying to stand in the middle of the floor several times, but she won't walk along anything she pulls up on.  I can't figure this kid out.  Everything is backwards.
-Wears 9 months clothes still.

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