Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snake! Run!...or Shoot?

I thought I would share a funny story that happened to us about two weeks ago. Well it all began when Justin wanted me to cut his hair...he's cheap and won't go to a real barber so I get nominated to do it. So we go outside and I get his hair all cut and he wants to go inside to make sure it looks ok since there's alot he can change about it now. Well all of a sudden I hear him screamin bloody murder, ok maybe not but he did kind of scream but more of a manly scream lol. He said, "Mikayla quick there's a snake in the house!" And I am thinking, "What? There's no way and if it is how'd it get in there and how long has it been there? Surely he's joking." Well I run and look in the door and sure enough there is this huge snake slithering down the hall and Justin is running in all sorts of directions and is yelling at me, "Quick, get my clip or 22 shells!" And I am like, "What your going to shoot it in the house?!?!" He is just yelling "Hurry before he gets away". So I run and get his shells still thinking maybe he's kidding but at the same time I don't really care because it's a snake and I hate snakes and especially do not want it in my house. So next thing I know I hear a shot go off and sure enough Justin shot it. Justin claims the snake was hissing at him so he just had to shoot the thing in the house haha! Well he did end up making a little hole in the carpet but it's not bad at least we got rid of the snake. We still are not sure how he got in the house. We're thinking it must have been through the door as we were going in and out getting ready to cut his hair.
Here's the hole in the floor see it's not too bad.

See it was a really huge snake yuck!

This is where Justin shot it in the head.

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  1. oh my goodness! That was a big snake! It still makes me laugh that Justin "shot" the snake.