Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas in October

Sorry for taking so long to blog, I warned everyone this would happen...we have been busy as usual. The past two weeks we've still been baling hay and then this past weekend it decided to just stay foggy and misty for a few days here and we decided to try to have a life so we did. Thursday I got to go shopping in Lubbock (Yay!) since I haven't been in quite a while. Friday night Justin took me on a date...he's such a sweetheart...we had not went out in forever so it was ssoooo nice! Then Saturday night we decided to go to Lubbock to see our friends Cale and Kalee and go out and eat and then go dancing which was very nice to get to hang out with them since we haven't got to see them in a long time. On Sunday night we went to our cousin's birthday party. She was turning 3 years old and was cute as a bug! As you can tell since we got the break we decided to use it and just do everything we could. Sorry I did not take any pictures during the weekend, I'm horrible at remembering to do that. Monday the weather cleared up and it was back to normal everyday life. We were able to get all the calves weaned and processed that day. Now to the good story...on Tuesday we traded my car in on a new pickup! I really liked my car but it was not very useful since it just could take me to school and that's about it. It can't really go through any fields or anything and so now we got a pickup so it can take me to school and do everything else I could possibly need to do and not feel like I'm going to get squished like a bug in it. It is so nice and comfy! It has the coolest thing in it, you can talk on the phone through the speakers through the bluetooth in my phone and that just amazes me lol. I absolutely love it if you couldn't tell!!
Good-bye Vanilla Ice (that was my Corolla's name)...
Hello Baby Red!


  1. I love it! how exciting to get a new pickup! Glad you guys had a fun weekend and were able to hang out with friends!

  2. You guy's have way to much fun, when you have time on you hands. Love the pickup, and I know you do too.

  3. WOW!!! Uncle Bruce told me he saw Justin yesterday and then a red pickup following behind (but he could not see who was driving!!) We thought you might have got another vehicle!! Looks very nice. We can see you coming now in your red truck. Enjoy!