Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok since we all know I'm not the best at blogging ya'll are going to get two in one today and it is not going to be in order either just to warn everyone. One is for today and the next will be from this weekend. First of all I can't believe that it is October 29 and it is snowing! Yes i said snowing, not raining, SNOWING! And did I mention it is October 29! I even have pictures to prove it. It is so pretty outside; I love it! Even though it would be nicer if all the hay was baled and we didn't have wheat pasture cattle already turned out and waiting to be turned out. Poor Justin. I got to stay home (where the heater is going) while he has to be out in this right now checking everything.
But this is what it looks like outside.

And this is how rough Griengo has it. He's been watching TV and sleeping all morning on his couch.

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