Thursday, August 25, 2011


A couple weeks ago me, Justin, and Jake went to the lake.  We were planning on Jaycee getting to go too, but it had been so hot here this summer we were too worried about her and had to leave her at home with Aunt Roxanne and Nonni.  I was pretty sad because she even had a cute little bathing suit that now she has outgrown and never worn but oh well we will get to wear another cute little bathing suit this weekend at our friend Dalton's swimming birthday party. (I'll try to take pics and post soon)Sorry we don't have a picture together but my camera died before we could.  And I'm not sure how to get these pictures back in the center but oh well I guess.

Last week we went to the fair and Jaycee loved getting to be outside and see so many people.  
 Jaycee with Skyla, Shelby, and Auntie Dev

Jaycee looking through a Kaliedoscope at the fair.

I finally got a smart phone a week ago and I love it!!  My favorite thing to do is take pictures of our little cutie and send them to her daddy.  The rest of these pictures are off my phone.

 Sitting in our bumbo
 Having sweet dreams while helping Momma plow
 Tummy time
 Auntie Dev: "Cover up her hoohoo" 
Jaycee: "Cover up who?"
 Actually looking at and holding our little ducky
Glad Auntie Dev came and helped with bath time!

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