Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 months!

Jaycee on her 4 month birthday!
 Since Jaycee has been constantly rolling over now...this is how she sleeps a lot of the time. 

 This is our freaked out look.  Her eyes get super big and she throws her arms out.  Random things startle her now.  She especially freaks out when she's been sleeping hard and she wakes up and we're in a new place.
 Loves her tummy!
At 4 months Jaycee...:
-Rolls over!
-Likes TV now
-Can hold and grab some of her toys
-Favorite toys: Jumper, jumper activity center, or anything that she can sit up in and watch everything going on
-Still teething...(thats all I'm going to say)
-Sleeps 10 to 12 hours at night (How did I get so lucky???)

Last weekend Justin was in a wedding for one of his friends, Cale, so we spent the weekend in Lubbock.  
 At the rehearsal being the life of the party.  She got to meet Louise Hawkins who loved her!
 Jaycee with her handsome Daddy after the wedding.
 Finally a family picture! Thank you so much Wendy for taking our picture!
 The bride and groom!

I know this is out of order but I need to include it.  Auntie Dev had a birthday on September 10th and of course Jaycee had to help her celebrate.
 Jaycee with the birthday girl...Yes I know her bow is a little much
 Jaycee with Shelby and Auntie Dev
Me and Kalee.  It was more of a girl party so Justin didn't come.

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