Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October 2011

     I know this is a much needed blog update and it is going to be lengthy so I'll keep it short and let the pictures tell what has been going on.  We have been so busy baling this month that I have barely had any time to take pictures or get on this computer.

     At the first of October it rained just a little so we flew to Ruidoso for a day just to get away and relax.

 Jaycee's as close to a 5 month picture that we have.  (Just a week off)
 Relaxing with Daddy.
 Looking out the airplane north of Texico.
 Jaycee was a little jet lagged after the trip.
 We finally started Jaycee on food a week or so ago.  She was beginning to sleep only 9 to 10 hours at night and after she started on food she is back to sleeping 11 hours at night.  (I know, we are extremely blessed!)
 Jaycee was a lobster for Halloween.
 Trick or treating at Granny & Papaw's before church Sunday.

 Went trick or treating at Grandma Kay's after church

 Trick or treating at Aunt Lollie's and Uncle B-paw's

 I don't know which one was happier, Pappy or Jaycee?

 Auntie Dev with the little lobster.
 Starting to get tired of the lobster suit but that lip is just too stinkin cute!
 Family pic!
 That puppy, Bart, made her much happier!

 I couldn't decide which one I liked the best!

Sorry Grumps & Nonni I don't have the Halloween pictures from your house yet.  Reece trick or treated too and we got some pretty cute pictures of the lobster and a little black kitty.

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