Saturday, November 19, 2011

1/2 Year Old!

I CANNOT believe that our little girl is already 6 months old. 
 Time sure flew by.

 At six months Jaycee has a full range of voices that she practices on a regular basis.
 She has been rolling over back to front since 5 months, but I think she decided that she was over that because she has not done it for over 2 weeks now. (I hope she didn't forget how!)
 Jaycee is definitely interested in whatever me or her Daddy are doing at all time; well that is until Griengo or Lexi come around and then we are all about watching the dogs.  Speaking of the dogs, Jaycee now grabs the toy out of Griengo's mouth.  It is really cute.
At Jaycee's six month appointment on Tuesday, she weighed 14 lbs, 2 oz and was 26 inches tall.  She is a little petite girl and I love it, I don't care if she's at the bottom of the charts just as long as she's healthy.  At the doctor's office she was screaming (happy voice) the whole time and the doctor and nurses just thought she was a hoot!  It was pretty funny.
Today Jaycee got to help Daddy in the barn and I'm pretty sure he is going to be the favorite after using the torch and all the power tools.  She just loved it!  I guess Mommy's vacuum cleaner is no longer that cool...

A week ago we went and visited our friends, Kyle & Kylee and their kids - Daltyn, Aspyn, & Breely.  
We always have such a good time with them and getting to watch the kids interact and play.

 Breely can crawl now and just wanted to tackle Jaycee!
 Breely loved having someone her own size to play with.  It won't be too long and Jaycee will be able to play back!
Jaycee says, "Just wait Breely, paybacks coming!"

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