Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Early Birthday Aspyn!

 Yesterday the Fickling's celebrated Aspyn's birthday party.  Aspyn's birthday is the same day as Jaycee's so they had their party this weekend and we're having Jaycee's party next.  It was such a gorgeous day.  It had showered (barely) the day before so we all actually got to go since it was just a little too wet to bale still.
The cute little birthday girl!
Jaycee getting to hangout with Daddy
 Jaycee playing with Austin.  I can't believe she went to him since she's been going through this non-male phase but she did and seemed to love him!  I think it could be the fact that Austin is great with babies.
 Mommy and Jaycee stuffing our faces
 Jaycee decided she would just eat Aspyn's cake for her if she wasn't going to eat it!
(Aspyn hardly ate any cake.  Not like the normal baby cake smash.  It was so cute she would just touch it with her fingers.)
 As you can see Jaycee got lots of practice in for her birthday party.  Oh my I can hardly wait!
 Love my little garbage disposal!
 Aspyn opening her presents
Jaycee had such a great time at Aspyn's party.  Can't wait until our little missy's party even though I still cannot believe they are going to be one already!  Hopefully the weather will be nice for Jaycee's or better yet it could rain us out and we would be perfectly happy with having it inside :)


  1. I can not believe she is almost ONE. Can't wait to see pictures of her party--I saw the invitation! It is precious!

  2. I know I'm excited for her party but sooooo sad she's one! And thanks!