Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fun in the Sun

 As promised I did try to take some more 1 year pictures of Jaycee.  She is so funny.  Just from the pictures you can see her personality.  She has became quite funny and awnry(no clue how to spell that sorry).

 Ready to attach....Griengo!
 Best Friends Forever

 Last week Nonni got us a swimming pool.  Jaycee loves it!  We've tried to go swimming almost everyday, but every day except for the first one we get out there and then it gets way too windy!  I'm sure we'll have plenty of warm days to swim though.

 Being silly

 So sweet
Later we set up her slide to go into the pool and she had a blast!  I think she could have slid down her slide all night if we would have let her!

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