Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weddings, Weddings, & Father's Day

I have so much to catch up on since my last post.  Last week we had 2 weddings and then we had Father's Day.  Justin was in one wedding so that took up two days and then the next day I had to photograph another wedding.  Sunday we had a quick Father's Day lunch and then me and Justin headed off to Oklahoma to pick up a bull.  As soon as we got back we've been busy sand fighting and baling.  So I'll try to be short and to the point with lots of pictures to tell stories.
Jaycee is quite the little stinker these days and I made her pose by what Mommy found in her pans.  And all this time I thought the dryer stole socks...
Justin was in his best friend, Tyrell's, wedding last weekend.  So Jaycee and I got to just hang out at the rehearsal.
Jaycee loving to swing!
 Then she made a new friend, Wyatt, who enjoyed swinging with her.
 Jaycee's new thing to do - stick out her tongue
Jaycee loved Kirk's mom, Patsy...
 and his daughter, Savannah...
and especially his wife, Shawnay...
But most definitely did not like Kirk.
 Love her little jean jacket!
 Tyrell & Kaylee's Wedding day with the whole wedding party
Probably the first picture me and Justin have taken without Jaycee in the past year
Don't worry we could never forget to take a picture with her!
 Jaycee makes new friends everywhere!  She loved this little girl!
 Tyrell & Savannah - Can't wait to take pictures at their wedding in September!
 Jaycee & Daddy being silly
 Now for the next day - James & Chelsea's wedding
Such a gorgeous couple at a gorgeous place
Sunday was Father's Day and I know this is a little late but Happy Late Father's day to Daddy, Grumps, & Pappy!

Sorry for such a long post but it was hard enough to not put some other pictures I had of Jaycee on here!

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