Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July & Catch up

 On 4th of July night Tanner & LaDonna invited us to go watch fireworks at their house in Clovis.  Well it ended up raining the whole night and they cancelled fireworks.  (Which didn't hurt our feelings, if only we would have got as much rain as they did!)  These two little girls still got to hang out though.
Playing together
 Then Jaycee got really sweet...maybe too sweet...She wanted to kiss Aspyn
 Giving Aspyn kisses.  I think Aspyn kind of liked it, but who wouldn't want Jaycee kisses!
Okay, maybe Jaycee went a little overboard...
The two sweeties ready for bed

The next few pictures are from my phone that I just now finally put on the computer.  They are all within the past month.  Sorry for the extremely poor quality of pictures.
 Jaycee playing in a box
 Jaycee in her forward-facing carseat.  She loves it!
At the first of June, I took Jaycee to the Pioneer Days Rodeo.  She loved it.  She thought all the horses were cows.  She kept saying "Moooo".  Surely she'll figure it out soon...
 Ryder became her friend from then on after he let her play with his phone.  I'm sure Ryder will be thrilled he's on our blog.
 Still sucking on those two fingers, ugh...
 Ready for church last week
 She loves giving Griengo hugs!!
 Practicing downward dogs.  She is so funny.  She just began crawling/walking with her head on the ground like this.  Silly girl.
Riding Griengo!

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  1. sweet little girl! I love it that she likes her middle fingers, makes me think of Cherry when she was little. She did not do it for long though! Ready to see Jaycee and all of you too.
    love ya!