Saturday, July 21, 2012

14 month update

So I know Jaycee is over a year old and I do not have to go by months anymore on her age but each month she is still changing and growing so I thought I better count this month.  Jaycee is so funny, and she really thinks she is.  I feel like she understands almost everything we say to her.  She may still talk chinese, but she understands english.  Jaycee LOVES to be outside!
Such a cutie in her pool.

Jaycee is very into pointing at things.  It is really cute.  And she is very observant.  

Pointing at Lil Joe drinking down her whole pool

Being silly as usual
She loves to slide down the slide into her pool
She can climb into a lot of things.  I had no idea she could climb up on the swing until yesterday when I saw her.  And she has mastered getting down off of things too.
Up to no good
Proud of herself for getting up there
She loves taking all her stuffed animals for a ride on her train.  It takes her a couple tries to get them on there, but she manages to do it.
At 14 months, Jaycee:
-Has 10 teeth and working on two at the moment on bottom! I guess we're going to get them over with early
-Wants to climb on everything
-Has the sweetest giggle & is very ticklish on her ribs, chin, and feet
-Very into "riding" (sitting on things but thinks she's moving) things ex. train, Griengo, her tractor
-Loves her stuffed cow, "Moo"
-Working on eating with a fork, slowly but surely getting there I think.  She eats part of her meals with a fork until she gets impatient
-Sleeping a lot again.  I think she might be going through another growth spurt or maybe its from her teeth.  Yesterday she took a 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap.
-Has started singing to her self like in the bathtub or when she is playing with her toys.  Very cute.
-Tries to dance which is so funny.

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