Monday, December 19, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

The first week of December we went to Vegas for the Finals.  This year we decided to fly ourselves so we had to leave a day early and come home a day later because of the weather.  It was a four hour flight to Laughlin, where we flew into which was only an hour drive from Vegas.  We had a ton of fun and I'll just let the pictures tell the story because this may be a lengthy blog.

I turned my shutter speed up on my camera and finally caught two of the arms on the propeller.
 Our handsome pilot
And the co-pilot
The next few pictures are before and afters (on our way out to Vegas and on our way home from Vegas)

The mountains at Albuquerque

Jaycee the first night we were in Laughlin practicing our sitting up, which she can sent pretty well now I might add.

Family picture at the Mandalay Bay after going to a Cowboy Christmas there.
Auntie Dev and Aaron at the Mandalay Bay

Mommy and Jaycee in front of the fish tank at our hotel at the Golden Nugget.
Me and Justin hanging out on Freemont Street
Auntie Dev, Jaycee, and Mommy downtown
This is what Jaycee looked like every night when we would go out because it was so cold there!
She was just in awe of all the lights and people.  She never made much expression, but she sure did study everything.
Auntie Dev and Aaron doing the Zip-Line down Freemont Street.  Me, Justin, Aaron, and Charles went earlier that day but I don't have the picture on the computer now.
On our way back to Laughlin we stopped by the Hoover Dam because we had never been.  (Well Justin had been once when he was little, but he really didn't remember much)
This was as close as we could get to getting all three of us in a picture there.  Sorry Jaycee for cutting you off!

Such a sweet picture of Jaycee and her Daddy!
Back at Laughlin waiting on the rest of the crew to get there and go eat.
At supper in Laughlin
Jaycee absolutely loved Aaron!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys had a good time!! I can't believe Jaycee is 7 months old already!