Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time is Here...Already?!

Christmas is less than a week away!  Where has the year gone?  Jaycee has grown and changed so much in just the past week.  In one week she went from her 6 month pjs to 9 months. How does that happen?? I think she woke up one morning and could sit on her own.  No more boppy pillow for her.  In one week she began eating double the baby food she was.  One night she would never even try to move from where she was, and then the next morning she was rolling across the room and trying to scoot on the carpet.  By scoot I mean, bottom in the air, head on the floor, and inch her way around, then get mad and just roll around.

 These are our Christmas pictures!

We are all but moved into our new house and this little cutie (Aspyn) and some others came to visit the other night.
The girls had so much fun just hanging out playing with there toys.
I cannot believe they are the same age and Aspyn weighs about 2 pounds more than Jaycee.

This past weekend we had our first Christmas at Justin's Granny and Papaw's in Bovina.  Here's the kids lined up with there gifts.
 Jaycee was very interested in everyone's gift wrapping skills.
 Daddy helping Jaycee open her present.
 Jaycee and Addison playing with her new puppy.
 Landon and Jaycee.  Landon is such a sweet little boy.  He played with Jaycee quite a bit.  Jaycee has a growling voice and she was growling at everyone; Landon goes over to Jaycee and says, "No, no baby Jaycee. No growling."  It was the cutest thing ever!
So we have one Christmas down and about 4 to go...

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