Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho...Waah

On Tuesday we took Jaycee to see Santa along with the Cains'.  This is a before picture of the kids all dressed up.

 This is such a sweet picture of Daltyn, Breely, and Aspyn with Santa.
 And then we added Jaycee to the mix.  She was fine here.  This is the best picture we could get of Jaycee.
 And then....Her eyes wandered up to who was holding her...
 And the meltdown occured!  For some reason she did NOT like Santa.
 She kind of calmed down for a few a second when he handed her a candy cane, but not for long.
 So then Santa just snuck up behind her to take a picture and she was fine until I think she had the feeling someone was breathing on her and she slowly looked up and WAAH!  She just did not like Santa.  If only she knew that he was bringing her some presents on Sunday.

So I have kind of got addicted to Pinterest.  Today I decided I had better get Jaycee's First Christmas ornament made since time is running out.  So I tried to make a handprint ornament like I had seen on Pinterest.  It really did not turn out too bad, at least I don't think it did.  It was definitely not as easy as it looked to make with a 7 month old who did not want to just let me stamp her hand with the paint on it.  But we did finally get one made.

And this is the footprint tree I wanted to make that I had seen on Pinterest as well.  This was a little bit easier to make but not much.

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