Monday, January 16, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

 On Saturday, there was a BBQ at the airport so we all went to that to meet the new airport manager (and because Justin likes to hangout there).  I, of course, was all for it because I didn't have to cook.  Is that bad?  I just really hate cooking now.  I used to love it and now I despise it.  Anyways that's another story.
Daddy with his little co-pilot, Jaycee (and Mr. Squeakers)

Jaycee hanging out in her stroller like such a big little girl.  She is working on her top teeth so she's been drooling like crazy and chewing on everything.  I lover he little smirk looking grin in this picture.  She has these faces quite often and I just know she's thinking up something mischievous to do.

 Today, our little baby turned 8 months old!  I cannot believe she is already this old.  It just does not seem possible.  And I know that before I know it she will be graduating high school (definitely do not want to think about that!).  
 At 8 months:  She is obviously sitting like a big girl.
 - Rolls all over the place.  No she will NOT crawl.  She pushes up on all four once in a while, gets mad, and then rolls.
- She is starting to get hair.  Yay!
 - Loves Griengo!  Jaycee thinks he is just so funny.  She loves to chase him around the house and just laughs and laughs at him.  She also loves to grab his hair and feet.  She would much rather play with his toys than hers.
-And Jaycee loves her Daddy!  I cannot believe I almost forgot this.  This morning she said "Da-da" for the first time.  So I got super excited (and super upset she didn't say Momma but oh well, hehe) and called Justin and he rushed home to see her.  Well during that time she said "da-da" about 4 times total and then hasn't said it since and he didn't get to see her.  I think Justin thinks I was making it up, but I am sure she said that this morning.  It was so cute.  Jaycee is so much fun and becoming such a character.  I just cannot wait to see what each day will bring with her.

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