Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the Go

Jaycee has been such a little character lately.  Everyday she does something new and keeps gaining so much personality.  It is so fun!  She is such a mess.  She wants to be on the floor and moving at all times it seems like.  You cannot hardly hold her without her trying to leap out of your arms, she has to strapped in her carseat at all times or she will abandon ship, and she has to be strapped (both legs) into her swing as well.  The day before this first picture was taken I only had one leg strapped in like I normally do lately and I turned around and she had face planted on the floor with her one leg still strapped in.  It was so funny at the time and really sad too because well she did bonk her head after all on the hard floor.  

Here she is teasing Griengo while she is eating her puffs.  Griengo knows that eventually she is going to drop one, and he'll get it.
 Jaycee is starting to get better at the sippy cup when she doesn't just want to chew on the spout.  She loves wagon wheels and those little puffs.
 Jaycee also loves her red bucket!  Everyday, all day, we constantly pick up toys and put in the bucket just so she can pick them out, one by one, and then play with the bucket.  I finally caught her on camera with it on her head.
 Silly Girl!
 Now for the main story!  Jaycee is now crawling!  She is officially mobile, as if she wasn't all ready with the rolling, but now we can roll and then crawl.  She is by no means a professional yet, but she can definitely crawl.  It is pretty exciting and sad at the same time...
 She loves paper! So all you have to do is throw a magazine, remote, or phone in the floor and she will go after it.
On Saturday Jaycee was not even trying to crawl.  She would maybe get up on all fours once a day, but would do nothing.  She did not even seem interested in the idea.  All she wanted to do was roll.  Then that night Breely and Aspyn were over playing with Jaycee.  Breely (Cain baby) can just almost walk and Aspyn (Fickling baby) has been trying to crawl for a month now and just looks like any minute she'll take off.  So Sunday afternoon Jaycee just all of a sudden popped up and decided she would crawl to go get something.  It is so crazy, but it seems like everytime Breely or Aspyn has been over then the next day Jaycee will do something new.
She may have crawled Sunday also because she got to hang out with Emmery Meeks in the nursery that morning at church who is a one year old.  Jaycee has only had to go to the nursery twice in her life at church and it is not because she is a bad baby, but she kind of really gets into church.  Most the time she only sings (at the top of her lungs) during the songs, but on Sunday she busted out in a few solos so she had to go to the nursery.  Which I think was probably good for her to be able to play with other kids and me and Justin can pay better attention in church without sitting there worrying about Jaycee being loud.
Jaycee is also becoming more vocal everyday.  She now says "Da-da" ALL DAY LONG.  It is really cute actually.  She has also said "bye-bye", "nap", "hi", "yeah" and last night she said "Dev".  She does not say any of those words randomly except "da-da".  She also is waving backwards now.  As in she has her hand facing her and opening and closing it.
I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us.  I'm sure she'll say or do something new soon!

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