Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year brings New Changes

For New Years Eve we went to our friends, Tanner and LaDonna's.  Jaycee got to play with Aspyn, Kaylee, and Meryn.  I can't believe this is the only picture I took the whole night but it is.
 Then on New Year's Day we ate lunch with Nonni and Grumps and Jaycee decided to make a Coca Cola advertisement ad.  Hehe she looked so cute with her outfit and the coke bottle.
 Again we did not take many pictures of this holiday.  That night my side of the family came over for a New Year's supper which we took a total of zero pictures, sorry.
 And I'm sure people are wondering when I am ever going to mention or post pictures of our new house.  It has already been a month since we moved in and we are loving it.  I'm sure everyone who even reads this blog knows what our house looks like since we moved into my Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Bruce's old house.  I'm going to go ahead and do a few pictures incase someone has not seen it.
Huge living room.  I know I have not taken my Christmas stuff down yet, but I just get so sad to take it down.  I love Christmas decorations!
 The living room looking from the kitchen. (Much more space for Jaycee to roll around.)
 The dining room area
 Living room again looking from the hallway
 Jaycee's room.  I want to paint it the same as her old room but I don't know if it will ever get done.  I like it this way too, but I really miss her old room colors!

 A huge closet for a little girl to fill with tons of clothes!
 We must not forget that Griengo loves his new home too.  He likes the window seat.
 The kitchen.  Justin built us that awesome new table, I just have to finish it now.
 Our room.
 Huge backyard for Jaycee & Griengo to play!
 Front of the house


  1. it is SO weird to see girlie stuff in the room Kyle & Shane grew up in! I'm slightly jealous that Jaycee gets that closet all to herself :) glad you guys are liking the house and getting settled! I was depressed for a few days after we took our Christmas stuff down, so I know how you feel. Love you guys!

  2. Mikayla, the place looks great! I know you are loving it. (I will admit, I do miss all the storage space that you have) We do not have everything set up in ours yet. We will get there sometime!
    love and miss you guys! Give Jaycee hugs and kisses from us.

  3. You know you are going to have to update more?? I really need to see more pictures of sweet Jaycee! Miss you guys. We will see you soon. (oh, and pictures of you and the rest of the family would be nice too!)