Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adding 1 More to the Family

We're adding another member to the family...and no it is not a little brother or sister for Jaycee!  We are not quite ready for that yet.  I was so excited that Jaycee finally learned to crawl, I'm second thinking that!  I cannot get anything done except during nap time.  She is all over the place and into everything!  I am so proud of her but oh my she is so fast now and I cannot keep my floors clean enough or cords and magazines picked up enough.  She can destroy a pile of magazines faster than anything.  So we decided to get something not quite so destructive as Jaycee. (He's not yet, anyways)

Meet Little Joe
 Little Joe is an Angolian (think that's right) puppy.  He is 9 weeks old and will be the size of Hoss but just with less hair.  He's not supposed to roam like Hoss so hopefully he will work out.  He is the cutest thing and is super sweet.  You are probably wandering what happened to Hoss.  Well he lived at our new house for a month and then ran back home (which is about 8 miles away).  I cannot believe he found his way back but he did.  So now our neighbor and Devanee will share him.  We are still super sad about Hoss, and we do get to see him often, but we got a new friend for Whiskey.

Jaycee and Lil' Joe meeting
 He's already bigger than her.
 Jaycee already loves him.  She is such an animal lover!
 We can't forget about Griengo.

 And we better not forget about Whiskey.  She loves Jaycee.  I LOVE this picture!

 Lil Joe has been doing so good so far.  He basically just stays in the yard or on the porch.  He is kind of lazy which I like.  Hopefully he won't be too destructive...

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