Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Puppy

 Sorry to blog twice in one day, but I didn't feel like the two should be put together.  Our poor little Jaycee is sick for the first time.  Yesterday I took her to the doctor because she had a horrible cough and was starting to run a little bit of fever.  Well she ended up having two ear infections and then just congested and stuff like a cold.  I never even knew or thought of her having an ear infection because she has not once messed with her ears.  She has been super good though.  She has hardly been fussy at all, just has had a bad cough and runny/snotty nose.
Yes I do know that she has a red face.  Only her forehead, cheeks, and nose are red.  It looks like she has a fever but she doesn't.  I did call the doctor and she just probably had a mild reaction to her medicine, but she's fine. 
This stuff has not slowed her down hardly any.  She managed to get into Mommy's diaper bag and get everything out.  Oh the joys of being mobile.

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  1. Love all the pictures! So sad that Jaycee has ear infections. Im sad too that we do not get to see you guys this weekend. Was looking forward to that. I hope that Jaycee gets to feeling better. Glad that she is taking it all well. Love and miss you guys.