Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Future Dentist

 Jaycee can now sit up completely on her own.  Before she could pull up on things and then sit up but now she can sit up anywhere anytime she wants.  Yesterday morning I had noticed she was sitting up in the middle of the living room but didn't really thing anything of it until last night when I watched her numerous times just plop right up.  The past couple days she has been sitting in her bed waiting for me to get her when she wakes up and it is so stinkin cute!  Im sure it won't be long until she is standing in her bed waiting on me...
We had to do a couple pictures this morning since one of the tractors were sitting in the backyard calling our name.  This one is my favorite!

 Jaycee has an obsession.  She loves to watch me and Justin brush our teeth it is so funny.  She has been obsessed with watching us for the past couple months so the other day I decided she could have her own toothbrush.  She is so cute. She will sit there forever brushing her teeth. By brushing I mean chewing on the toothbrush.  But hey she knows what end to put in her mouth.

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