Monday, March 19, 2012

10 months!

Cannot believe that this little booger is 10 months old!

 At 10 months old, Jaycee...
-Has many faces and such a neat personality
-Eats like a horse
-Has 3 different crawls 1.Army (preferred) 2. Real baby crawl 3. Bear crawl
-Favorite food:  Potatoes cooked any way
-Loves to crawl over things that are about 6 in off the ground
-Pulls up on everything
-Loves to be outside!
-Likes to blow bubbles, make indian noise, smack
-Says Ma-ma, Da-da, Bye-bye, Na-na, OK, Dev, No mam, Yeah
-Still waves backwards
-Laughs when you brush her teeth
-Has 4 teeth total now
-Became ticklish within the past week
-Plays with each toy about 30 seconds everyday and thats about it, she would much rather explore
-Finds the way doors open and close so interesting.  She can play with a door forever
-Opens cabinets but rarely gets things out of them
-Loves to turn pages in books
-Starting to push her walker toy
-Still LOVES paper!
-Sits like a cheerleader (one leg tucked behind her and the other straight out)
-Starting to be unsure of people she doesn't know like embarrassingly scared of people that come up to her and get in her face or too close.  She also seems to prefer women over men lately. She used to love everyone and now all of a sudden she is scared and freaks out...

This past week I tried out a pattern I had found on pinterest for a Travel Tie Chair.  Its supposed to work for kids up to like 5 years old.  I'm thinking of making these for several of our friends who are having babies.  It seemed to work.
 Side view and a funny face Jaycee is making
 Blowing bubbles
 Not sure why these pictures ended up like this but oh well.  

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