Saturday, March 3, 2012

Busy Body

 There is no doubt that Jaycee is an animal lover.  Puppies have always been her favorite thing.  They just amaze her and she loves to play with them.  She constantly is following Griengo around the house and trying to climb all over him, play with his collar, pull his hair out, or play with his toys.  I hate having an inside dog with all the hair and the hassle, but he pulls his weight thats for sure.  He does our dishes, cleans up after Jaycee, and a great babysitter.  Now just because Griengo is an inside dog does not mean that Jaycee has forgot about the other dogs.  She plays with Lil Joe and Whiskey through the glass. It is so cute!
Jaycee's next favorite animal, cows.  Every other day we go feed the cows.  Every time I get her out of her carseat and let her sit in my lap and watch the cows.  She loves them!  And when it is nice outside we even get out and pet the oldest cow, Black Beauty.  It is kind of odd because with Griengo, Jaycee is rough and hits and pulls his hair, but with the cow she actually just pets her.  It's sweet.  On Wednesday she even got to see the first calf of the year.  It had just been born when we got there.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of that sorry because after all Jaycee is the star of this show.  This is what Jaycee looks like as we're pouring out the cake for the cattle.
 I have got to get someone to go with me so I can take some real pictures.
 Crazy driver. 

A couple posts ago I said I know it won't be long before I go in Jaycee's room and she is standing in her crib.  Well it wasn't!  On Monday she began standing in her crib.  It is so stinkin' cute!
 Sad/Mad I'm taking pictures instead of getting her out.

 New obsession: Dishwasher.  Jaycee used to just pull up on the dishwasher and stand and it was all cute.  Not now.  She crawls completely in the dishwasher.  Still cute, but not fun for mommy.  She gets in there and pulls the whole rack out and various pieces of silverware before you can blink an eye.

I know I have a picture of Griengo in the dishwasher as a puppy.  I wish I could find it and put on here.  Not that I'm comparing my child to a dog but it is rather funny, and this reminds me of that.


  1. The picture where she is mad that she isn't out of her crib is so stinkin' cute!! It made me laugh!!

  2. Love all the pictures. Im jealous, Bruce has been getting to see her and hold her quite a bit! He always tells me when he goes by and sees you guys. She is growing up too fast!
    love ya and miss ya