Saturday, March 10, 2012

All better finally...

At the end of my last post I mentioned that Jaycee in the dishwasher reminded me of her big brother, Griengo, as a puppy in the dishwasher.  Well I finally found that picture.
Anyways the past week, Jaycee and I have been kind of sick so we've stayed in most the week.  Justin is finally over being sick and I'm pretty much over it now too.
Although we were sick, me and Jaycee ad to go outside last Sunday because it was like 75 degrees and no wind!  Little Joe loves Jaycee, but as you can see he is kind of rough...with his big ole tongue.  He knocked her over just by licking her.
When we were in Dallas a few weeks ago, I bought a new lens for my camera.  I am super excited about getting to use it.  These pictures are with that lens.
Jaycee playing with Whiskey.
For almost the past month Jaycee has begun to eat big girl food.  She eats almost everything we do.  She even eats meats.  She eats mac 'n cheese, potatoes, sausage (loves polish sausage), ground beef, stew, pancakes, eggs, grapes, pickles, white enchiladas, tuna, green beans, basically everything.  I cannot believe how good she eats.  Of course Griengo gets half of everything she eats because she drops that much in her chair or on the floor, but thats fine with me.  I just hope Jaycee keeps up this great appetite!
Jaycee's favorite thing is still Griengo.  She just crawls all over him.  It is so cute!

New toy: Washer and Dryer.  She loves to just sit and watch them.  With her jaw dropped and everything just like this picture.  I think she gets the jaw dropped from me.  Justin pointed out to me the other day that I drive or set with my mouth open a lot.

Jaycee has been doing a lot of this the past week.  She pulls up on everything.
New obsession: Mommy!  She began saying Mama on Tuesday.  She doesn't say it just real often except when she is hanging on my leg and whining "Ma-ma, ma---ma,".  It would be really cute if she was not wanting me to hold her ALL the time.  At night when I'm sitting in my chair, she constantly pulls up on my chair and starts giving me a cheesy grin and of course it is so cute I have to hold her for a minute, but really why can't she be obsessed with "Da-da" again??  Don't get me wrong I love Jaycee more than anything in the world and it really isn't all that bad, but she is getting way too clingy to me...
Today it has been sprinkling all day, and it is pretty cold so we started a fire this morning.  Jaycee checking out the fire.  Not sure what I think about this, but oh well I'm sure she'll be fine.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, she gets cutier every day! Love all the pictures. Lofton misses the washer and dryer. I have pictures of him looking like Jaycee. They are so amazed at them! When he comes to our house now he grabs my hand and takes me to the washer and dryer and looks at me like "where are the ones that I can see in"! Hope you get some moisture soon. love you guys

    1. Thanks! Yeah when I saw her the other day at the washer it made me think of u telling me about lofton. Kids are funny. They don't need any toys with all the stuff they find around the house. We did get a little moisture yesterday finally! Love u too, be careful out there by yourself.